Xbox One Still Has Cloud Features for First Party Games, Committed to Digital in a “Big Way”

Microsoft hasn’t turned the corner completely just yet.

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phil spencer
Microsoft Games Studios head recently addressed concerns about the company’s Xbox One policy, following the about-turn the company took two days ago when it announced that there would no longer be any periodic check-ins, region locks or restrictions on used games.

Regarding whether some of the features – like the 24 hour check-in and Family Policy – would still be included, Spencer replied with the following:

He also stated that there was still a commitment to Cloud features in first party games. So if the Drivatar feature in Forza Motorsport 5 impressed you, there’s a good chance it’s still there.

However, he wasn’t willing to comment on the same for third party devs (but only because he doesn’t oversee what publishers like EA and Activision are up to).

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see how Microsoft handles it. Despite a lot of the restrictions imposed, there were some rather unique upsides to the old policy. Stay tuned for more details as we see whether Microsoft’s decision to go with the majority choice will benefit it.

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  • Dr. Littles

    The solution to XBOX ONE problems lies with XBOX LIVE. Microsoft forgot
    what built the XBOX brand, XBOX LIVE. Why not offer the gamers a choice
    to choose, rather than forcing the issue. Allowing gamers a choice could
    usher in a new era of gaming. Digital is the future but forcing it is
    not the answer. Steam and iTunes are models that XBOX ONE is attempting
    emulate within the gaming sector. These models felt resistance but
    instead of jumping under a rock, they embraced the concerns of the
    consumer and found a balance approach to please the masses. Microsoft I
    offer you a simple solution: Silver (Free), Gold Basic ($49.99), and
    Gold Plus ($59.99). Give gamers the best of both worlds, physical and
    digital media. More importantly, give us choices. If you agree with
    choices below, maybe someone can offer a polling to see if this something
    the gaming community would like to see Microsoft implement.

    • deeboy17

      You said it my man.

    • Max Matos

      Amen! and it seems like they are, and there not talking down to me, so that is always appreciated…

    • Axe99

      Choice is the key. MS to date has clearly been all over the shop, and I’m not sure they even had (or have) a clear plan. Hopefully they’ll catch their breath and actually think about what they’re trying to achieve, and put a clear vision and options forward. That said, MS isn’t very good at choice (just look at Windows 8), but hopefully they’re learning (see upcoming patch for Windows 8 :)).

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  • brianc6234

    Stop talking about this cloud crap. It’s all fake. It won’t work. Just a gimmick Microsoft started using because they know the Xbone fails huge next to the much more powerful PS4.

    • spideynut71

      That’s what Sony fanboys were saying about XBL years ago, and look how hard Sony has worked to copy that. You really think Sony bought Gaikai, just for streaming games? If you aren’t investing in a digital future, and cloud computing, you’re being left behind.

    • redavutstuvader

      FAKE!, Now if you could just get Respawn Entertainment and Nasa to believe that.

  • x2

    Cant wait to get my xbox

  • Edward Woodward

    the original DRM implementation and all the features were looking so damn amazing and looked truly next gen, people jumped to conclusions and took rumors as facts (when they were just bullshit rumors) without even giving it a chance. Family share was incredible, sharing your game with up to 10 ppl was amazing, yea only 1 person could play at a time, but its much easier and faster than keep going between friends houses to lend them games and get them back.

    Now after the cry babies and the revert, the features wont work to their full potential unless you buy digitally, Which now is restricted to not being able to share and you’d have to pay double price to own the disc into your collection.

    I was looking forward to buying a disc, installing and leaving the disc aside in a collection of games for show and not needing to worry about them.

    In reality, what people thought was less restricting (the whole non locking of a disc) is actually more restricting when you look properly into the X1 features.


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