Xbox One Used Games Fee: “No One’s Complaining About Not Being Able to Trade iOS Games”

Avalanche Studios CTO Linus Blomberg talks Microsoft’s recent practices for the Xbox One.

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One of the biggest controversies dogging the Xbox One is used games. When Microsoft first revealed the console, it stated that gamers would need to pay a fee to be able to install used games. From here, it got weirder, as we had reports of used games not being supported at all to unequivocal support. It seems now we’re at the stage where the fee structure is indeed real.

But how big of a deal is it really, forgetting that most retailers like GameStop who thrive on second hand game sales will be affected? Speaking to Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Avalanche Studios Linus Blomberg, we asked where the developer stands regarding Microsoft’s tactics and the issue of second games overall.

Blomberg stated that, “The economies in games are changing; they have to in order to be sustainable. No one’s complaining about not being able to trade iOS games. Naturally that’s because they are much cheaper, but if second hand games contributed to the income of AAA game developers, then they could become cheaper too.

“In the end I think it will come down to how big that fee is.”

As of now, we’re looking forward to Microsoft’s E3 media briefing to learn more about the Xbox One, including the games to be featured.

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  • Nek Food

    We are talking about retail games, you know those that comes in disks and not in a digital factor. We are talking about games that costs up to 60€ and not 0,89€. The kind of stuff I want to lent to my friend because he has no job or not enough money to buy them. That games, that would like to return after many years and yes still be playable without the need of servers running DRM diagnostics if they are pirated or used in another console. I have many past consoles and wonderfull games with them that still works perfectly after all these years. I certenly would like to be able to do the same thing with the next gen games and consoles, or just to put it as simply as I can, I will not buy either.

  • Gregormeister

    Game sharing is my main reason to AVOID downloadable games. I want a disk and I want to share these with my friends, too. (Who otherwise would NEVER buy and play these games.) And I enjoy playing games from my friends that I would never buy. This keeps the industry alive and colorful.

    IMO it’s a first step to kill the whole videogame industry (regarding gaming consoles) if we can’t share games anymore. It would keep away many possible new players (siblings / friends / relatives), who would never see the great fun they can have with gaming if they have to buy every game for themselves instead of getting it from a friend for playing it.

    “Why I buy this game? Because I played the predessesor from a friend. It was really great!”

  • sienrgy

    fuck xbox one were not gonna take our rights to who we can trade sell rent or give our games too and fuck the kinect why does it need to be one 24/7 o so it listens for someone to say xbox on it turns on and you say were not gonna spy on you like were supposed to just take your word for it I have always been a xbox fan when the ps4 comes out im gonna buy that then burn my xbox 360 because not like your gonna have it running much longer to force sales to the sheep gamers what are gonna say I want it in my mouth after taking it up there asses. fuck you microsoft you pieces of shit.

  • hailey



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