Xbox One Users Facing Video Streaming Issues, Inconsistent Quality On Amazon Videos

Services like Netflix are apparently functioning at less than optimum levels.

xbox one amd

If you haven’t been paying attention – and we don’t blame you because of the new year – then you’d be hard-pressed to find any issues with the video streaming for the Xbox One. Which is interesting because Twitter is full of complaints against the various video services for the console.

Ex-Infinity Ward developer Robert Bowling stated that, “Anyone else experiencing inconsistent video quality on @AmazonVideo on Xbox One? I get stable 1080p streaming on PS4 but sub-SD on Xbox One.”

Bowling also added that, “@TheMarkHorn @AmazonVideo Tested it myself using Elementary Season 1 although it seems to be with all videos.”

Meanwhile, another user added that, “@mariusstrom Hey were you able to fix the Netflix issue with getting stuck on 99% on very few movies on Xbox One?”

When replying to Bowling’s tweet, another user confirmed that the PS4 was indeed smoother. “@fourzerotwo I’ve had the same issue with Netflix. Xbox one very pixilated and ps4 very smooth.”

Another usesr complained that “@XboxSupport i never had streaming issues on the 360. But the xbox one keeps crackling my HD movies everytime I rent one. Any suggestions?”

As of now there’s been no word from Microsoft on the same in reply to the tweets. We should hear something sooner or later though – everyone on Twitter from developers to ordinary fans are facing problems. Have you faced issues with the Xbox One’s video streaming? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mark Gibson

    Yeah I upgraded my router to a AC1200 by Linksys… and that helped with the video alot… but every now and then a bit of crackle in the HD video with Netflix…. still much better with the upgrade…. yes video does run smoother on the 360 I have…. I figure within the next few Xbox One system updates the situation will be fixed….. …..

    • d0x360

      System updates won’t fix it. Its not the Xbox its the app. Amazon made the app so the only way to get it fixed is to complain to amazon

    • Matthew Bryant

      If it works on every other platform and multiple video streaming apps are having problems on the Xbox One? It’s Microsoft’s fault. You do realize that all apps that access the internet have to go through XBox Live first right? Seriously. This is basic logic. Stop the auto-defense mode and think for a second.

    • d0x360

      It isn’t multiple apps its a single app. Amazon. Netflix works just fine. Crackle isn’t HD and also works just fine. YouTube works fine, the fox app works fine, Xbox video works FINE.

    • robert

      xbox video and netflix are both having issues. I keep getting 2 different error codes while TRYING to watch netflix. Error code X7377 and X7353 neither ot wich i have been able to find reference to!

    • d0x360

      That’s not the issue this article is talking about. I havent seen any errors but I hope you figure it out. Try the Xbox support twitter. They are usually pretty good.

    • Mark Gibson

      I have had probs with Netflix….. but very small..

    • d0x360

      I’m also not defending anyone. I don’t give a **** what is causing it. That being said I do know what the issue is. Anyone with any networking experience can easily check throughput and the problem is the way the amazon app is handling changing network speeds and adjusting the quality of the stream is causing it to stutter on about 12 frames out of 30.

    • nick rigsby

      While I agree that it’s the Microsoft’s fault… Your logic is completely flawed. Different codes have to be written for different platforms. Just because it works on one platform doesn’t mean it won’t work on the other. Lets use Netflix for example .. when there is a bug on apple… There may not be a bug on android or windows phone. Games are apps too… So you’re telling me that all the bugs minecraft on ps3 has. The Xbox 360 will have? More than likely not. While the same app, they are actually completely independent except for the fact they run through netflixs network. It could be a bug with the app or it could be a Microsoft problem. But you can’t state that just because it’s working on one platform that it is definitely working on all platforms

    • Mark Gibson

      Yeah Amazon has to update its app…. same with Netflix….

    • d0x360

      The app that pisses me off the most is YouTube. If someone walks buy and gets signed in via kinect YouTube stops playing. I talked to someone at Microsoft (not customer support) and he said apps are handled by the companies they represent so I should contact YouTube. Hence why I know amazon needs to fix their own app, not ms.

  • d0x360

    I’ve had issues with the amazon app but why would ms comment? Ms didn’t make the app amazon did therefore its Amazon’s problem to fix.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Because if Netflix and Amazon are both having issues the problem is probably with Microsoft’s network? I know you want to defend Microsoft on this, but defending them will just make it easier for them to ignore it. If you want the issues fixed, then complain.

    • d0x360

      The network isn’t the issue. If it was the problem would exist on Xbox 360. Also bandwidth test show 15-20mbps coming through my network so bandwidth isn’t the issue.

      The issue is the app. It has a bug. Why must people also go with the worst possible scenario?

    • LookAtMeGo

      My netflix looks better on my ps4 over my ps3 and they are both on the same network

    • d0x360

      How wonderful for you.

    • d0x360

      You do understand that Netflix nor any other video streaming doesn’t actually go through psn or Xbox live right?

  • Ritsujun


  • JeffE

    I’ve been having trouble streaming Netflix for the last week, takes forever to get to 99% then gets stuck, or it constantly list the last episode I watched as the wrong one. I get over 50mbps, so I blame the XBone.

  • incendy

    Netflix and Amazon Instant work great for me, but Xbox Video had issues yesterday when I was trying to watch Elysium. I haven’t rented anything today but I hope it is fixed. Pretty annoying to pay money to rent a movie for it to buffer at times.

  • sebastian

    yes netflix is pretty bad im disapointed!

  • Alex Perez

    I have also noticed that netflix looked better on ps3 vs 360 and now with the new generation consoles it is the same. The ps4 is smoother than x1 on Netflix.

  • Lindy

    Yup, last two days have been start and stop with netflix. Just got error code x7353 while watch a pixilated movie. iPad in same room did a speed test at 28mb download. Apple TV on same tv works awesome still so I know it’s got to be the XboxOne.

  • Eric B

    I opened an XboxOne Christmas, I didn’t read any games. 9 days later I receive a second console
    Replacement. This console turns on, goes to the screen where you program the controller and freezes. I am disgusted to say the least 900.00 in games controllers accessories and I still can’t use it 9 days later and I am assuming another 5-9 days before I receive a 3rd. Honestly I don’t even want the damn thing at this point.

  • Matt

    Netflix constantly buffering on xbox one but I have no problems with streaming on other devices (xbox 360, note 3, ipad 2, Google tv)

  • MarkM

    My netflix service sucks on my xbox one! The picture is no where near clear. It seems grainy. My ps3 iPads and iPhone and Apple TV all stream netflix fine and clearly. I’ve watched about 4 movies and they all come out pixelated like its playing in 320P or something.

  • Flacco Livin

    Same netflix hd streaming issue on xbox one……micrsoft needs to resolve issue asap….600 bucks for a system that cant stream hd……ridiculous!!!!!

  • mel

    Yes issues streaming both Netflix and free workout streaming on their gold plan. Keep getting messages that the wireless is disconnecting. I have since switched back to my PS3 and have 0 problems

  • Patrick Mckenna

    I have had multiple problems with x box video all streaming services and just store connectivity in general. In xbox video HD is always better on my 360. I have stopped ordering things HD on xbox for this reason. Add my inability to invite players appearing offline in some games and I’m bout to pack it all up and get a PS4. The invite and party system is messed up too. All I gotta say is that if ur thinking about a XB One and already have a 360… Wait! for god sakes wait. The chances that you will end up right back on ur 360 after you upgrade are really high. At least in my close group of friends, nobody has escaped these issues. Oh yeah and where is the music player during gameplay?! If I have to play Forza 5 to classical movie score muzak for much longer I may start cutting.

  • doogdeb

    Netflix is fine but had issues when I rented a HD video from xbox video. Quality would sometimes drop out and it would pause now and again. Very annoying.

  • nelson

    My wife noticed how blocky Amazon was on the new Xbox One…Not a great win…

  • Jason Barajas

    yes.. streaming problems, blue ray play back problems, xbox video playback issues.. you name it.. I’ve gone back to using my ps3 for all video purchases, rentals etc through amazon instant video. I was hoping my new xbone would be my one console to rule them all.. but its been disappointing to say the least.

  • Patch Hungry

    Glad (or not) to see so many people having the same issue. Amazon if the worst offender. Strangely, the pixelating and quantizing of picture goes away for me during off peak hours (late at night or during the day).

    I’ve complained to Amazon tech support and they say their buffering process is different than Netflix and that could be the cause but I believe your app theories are the issue.

    Question is, how long will it take them to rework the code and update? Anyone try to uninstall and reinstall the app?

  • Rob Emenecker

    I get consistent speed tests of 5 Mbps or higher, yet suffer SD (and often worse) quality with Amazon, NetFlix, and Vudu. Yet a $70 Roku box two floors away from my router on a WiFi connection spits out beautiful HD.

  • Kendra

    Thanks for the article Ravi. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Xbox360 is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Xbox360 you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

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