Xbox One “Will Upgrade Over Time”, Kinect Voice Models to Improve – Microsoft

Also suggests getting your voices heard by Microsoft.

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In conversation with Gamer Fit Nation, a Microsoft spokesperson talked about the current state of Kinect and the Xbox One, and how both will improve over time as most consoles do.

Answering a question about whether disc ejection would have a voice command, the spokesperson stated that, “Voice command for ejecting discs is not a feature we’re supporting at this time. Xbox One launched with a comprehensive library of Kinect voice commands for the most commonly used voice commands. We’re always listening and taking feedback from our customers, but don’t have any specifics to share at this time on future voice updates.”

As for how Kinect will improve over time, “We’ve completely re-engineered Kinect to take full advantage of all that Xbox One can do.  It’s more precise, more responsive, and more intuitive, and we plan to improve the experience in the future. Additionally, we’re continuing to improve the voice models over time as we get more usage information from our customers.

“The Xbox One will upgrade over time, as most consoles usually do. If Microsoft’s answers are any indication of what the future may hold for the Xbox One and its Kinect voice controls, it might be time that fans get their voices heard.”

The Xbox One has been doing fairly good business since launch, even if it’s lagging behind the PS4 according to analysts and sales figures. What does the future hold? We’ll of course have to wait to find out.

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  • Tidy Iwishiwasthere

    Have they even tried to use the hand motion navigation im wavering my hands around like a moron trying to get it to navigate the menu its crap and the voce commands are a joke I have a deep northern accent and im lucky if it works my mate has a lot les of an accent works well for him

    • Daaruz

      LoL. If people could see themselves trying to work the gestures, we all look like idiots. The gestures are a total joke. I gave up after the first day.

      Voice commands? I sound like a dumbass saying “XBox, On” after 5 tries. It rarely works the first time, the ambient noise has to be super quiet.

    • Peter McIlhon

      Only thing I would suggest is to recalibrate your Kinect mic. Turn your TV volume all the way up – it makes it easier for the Kinect to hear you later in a noisy room.


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