Xbox One X’s Power Is A Bonus, Allowed Us To Push Visual Limits Quite Easily – A Plague Tale: Innocence Dev

“Suddenly you can push the limit quite easily further.”

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The Xbox One X is definitely a powerful, well specced machine- after all, that is its entire selling point. In terms of especially its memory pool and its GPU, the Xbox One X is far ahead of everything else on the market. But of course, all these specs mean nothing if developers don’t tap into their resources for their games.

So when GamingBolt had the chance to speak with Asobo Studio (of A Plague Tale: Innocence fame)’s Chief Creative Officer David Dedeine, we figured we would ask him how they find the Xbox One X to be from a development perspective- especially given how its fantastic GPU must be opening the door for them to do some amazing things.

“It’s awesome,” Dedeine said. “It gives us a real…as the game was already running on classic Xbox, or classic PlayStation, suddenly you’ve got this power which comes as a bonus. Suddenly you can push the limit quite easily further. They are spectacular machines. Really good hardware. And you can already feel it.”

It sounds like developers, especially developers making smaller games, will find quite a lot to be impressed by and a wealth of resources on the Xbox One X. Hopefully, they can put these specs to good use and deliver some spectacular games as a result, too.

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  • Wei Feng

    The power of true 4K*

    *Fakish 4K Praised as OK now.
    Since the Monster isn’t really a monster.

    • There Is No Substitute

      The 4K market isn’t big enough yet but the availability or near availability with PS4 Pro is meant to entice consumers to buy 4K TV’s and monitors. I currently play on a 2K dell e5515h with minimal lag and I think it looks better than some 4K TV’s I’ve seen thus far. It will be years before the industry makes 4K the standard. I’m more upset with the fact the Xbox X doesn’t have an SSD or at least an SSHD. As cheap as SSHD’s are today there is no excuse. I currently have an Elite Console and the SSHD was an excellent addition. Load times are noticeably faster.

    • Fweds

      Maybe you should be more worried about your PS pro only hitting 4k and 25f fps on games like Pacman and space invaders eh Mrxrat ?

      You PS Protato is a pointless system, no 4K gaming, no UltraHD Blu-ray, no 4k game streaming no 4k anything really.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Mr xrat loves that fake 4k.
      It’s the biggest monster on the block unless you know of another 4k console.

    • Mike

      Don’t be jealous, we will welcome you into the community with open arms!

    • Wei Feng

      I hope that’s the PC community? Not a salty netbook CPU praising 30fps one

    • Mike

      That’s if you can even afford a decent PC. Buy if you can’t, Xbox one X will be the next best thing.

    • Wei Feng

      no, I’d rather no praise and defend fake 4k as good enough to be the new native “true 4k”

    • Mike

      I don’t really care whether it true 4K or checkerboard 4k,
      jut as long as the games look better than the previous systems. What I really want to see is higher and more stable frame rates. That’s what these companies should really be aiming for.

    • Wei Feng

      Yes, 60fps should be the standard first.

      But a defence force formed that praised 30fps as more than enough.
      Least Konami knew 60fps was a must for MGSV.

  • Smart guy

    It knows it. Xrat knows it’s my b**ch

  • kee1haul

    LOL’ing all the way to the POWER bank.

    • Mr Xrat

      You can stop off at the no games bar to drown your sorrows on the way there and back, Mark.

    • kee1haul

      I own 200+ games. No shortage here. And they all look better on XBOX.

    • Mr Xrat

      You’ve been eating s**t for four years and you’ll keep eating s**t like the good little Xgimp you are, Mark.

      Say Xbonx.

    • Fweds

      Ok take a step away from the keyboard and look what you have typed !

      You must now see it is time for you to take some time out away from the computer and your obsession with Xbox.

      The fact that Xbox is now the more powerful console is clearly bothering you.

    • kee1haul
    • Mr Xrat

      Going to have to do better than Asher Madan’s fanboy blog.

  • angryguy77

    mr xrat is a paid troll…..isn’t that right? I see your types on political stories as well. You all act and talk the same way. Get a real job.

    • Smart guy

      He’s not paid he’s just a PlayStation b**ch

  • Wei Feng

    jealous of fake 4k and sub 30fps?


  • Fweds

    Notice how he uses his Upvote Bot to give fake ghost Upvotes to himself and anyone else who negative comments Xbox.

    All have the same stupid ghost names

  • Fweds

    He doesn’t switch to ALTs to add likes he uses an Upvote Bot.
    Look at the Ghost Upvotes names always the same because each one needs a different proxy.

  • Fweds

    Probably best to do what he does but on the Playstation news for a while, that should keep him busy on that section as he hates anything negative being said about Sony or the PS Protato.

  • dead fanboy

    More PC games coming to the Xbox One X true beast. Over 70 games at 4K on the Xbox One X and yet it hasn’t launch. While the plaything 4 poor has barely 9 games in 4k the other 8 are checkerboard rendering. Big time Xbox One X exclusives at 4K this holiday:

    1. Halo 5
    2. Forza Motorsport 7
    3. Crackdown 3
    4. Gears of war 4
    5. Forza Horizon 3
    6. Super Lucky’s Tale
    7. Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds
    8. Killer Instinct
    9. Tacoma
    10. Halo Wars 2

  • Mike

    Calling someone “Turk” over a piece of plasctic?! I think you need a time out, buddy…

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