Xbox One’s Azure Cloud Computing Solution Ranked #1, Beats Out Amazon S3

Despite being relatively new, Microsoft’s Cloud computing solution has a strong edge.

Posted By | On 16th, Oct. 2013 Under News

Still not convinced about Azure, the Xbox One’s Cloud computing solution? Enterprise storage company Nasuni has recently published a very interesting white paper on the state of cloud storage, and has determined that among Cloud Storage Providers, Microsoft’s Azure has beaten out the previous top solution, Amazon S3.

From the white paper: “In our 2012 report, tests demonstrated that Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage were the two strongest players in the market and that, although other offerings showed potential, they had not yet matured enough for use in enterprise storage solutions.

“This year, our tests revealed that Microsoft Azure Blob Storage has taken a significant step ahead of last year’s leader, Amazon S3, to take the top spot. Across three primary tests (performance, scalability and stability), Microsoft emerged as a top performer in every category. Even though Azure has not been in the market as long as S3 and does not have nearly the same volume of storage under management, it is clear that Microsoft’s investments in Azure are starting to pay dividends and that the technology they are providing to the market is second to none.”

While Microsoft has been called out in the past regarding the “hundreds of thousands” of Azure servers it will be providing for the Xbox One, the actual reports don’t lie. Despite being relatively new, Azure has risen to the very top of the pile to become the number one Cloud Storage Provider. Where does that leave Sony? We’ll soon find out when the Xbox One launches on November 22nd.

Source: Nasuni, Via: Reddit

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  • avi

    pretty sweet.

  • RandomUser2yr29387

    No, we won’t find out soon.
    Cloud technology won’t make a difference in next-gen consoles until years from now.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      You seem to admit it will make a difference though…
      Honestly, this is key for persistent online worlds. Relying on cloud fore single player can be dangerous (unless it info gathers and then updates games when a connection is had, ala Forza…essentially you can be online once every six months; the game is the same but the AI changes in dynamic)

    • JahFou

      Hey look, this guy already knows even though next-gen’s not released yet. You’re a rare breed on the internetz. Who’s gonna win the 2016 election? Will my unborn child be a boy or girl? Will we ever get flying cars?!

    • will

      Pretty much every developer and expert has said its uses are EXTREAMLY limited for game uses (pretty much ai processing ect.) it’s not going to have a massive impact in this regard. But in storage it’s awesome you’ll be able to have entire library’s in the cloud, and MS can use some of the servers on their own games, for dedicated multiplayer. But it’s not as revolutionary as they make out its just a pretty nice pearl to buying the xbox one

    • Nathan O

      pretty much every developer? I don’t think so….

    • will

      Yes obviously those on MS will say different, in fact if you listen to titanfalls devs; respawn talking about the cloud the real thing they say is good is the dedicated servers it gives, which every other platform can have

    • wormywyrm

      Weird cuz nvid is using cloud to boost the performance of their new GPU and that is something no one thought cloud could do either. I was surprised as well. Pretty exciting stuff.

    • todd Wright


  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Microsoft trying to be like Google is pretty sweet!

  • Megaman

    Microsoft is really stepping up there game….Good for them…STOP ALL THE HATE


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