Xbox Scorpio Will Be Marketed With 4K As A Key Pillar, Says Analyst

4K bragging rights incoming.

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xbox scorpio

With the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft is apparently responding to the fact that the PS4 is the most powerful system this generation, routinely capable of achieving higher resolutions on mot games natively than the Xbox One can. And so, the Xbox Scorpio has been created- the most powerful console ever, and capable of achieving 4K resolutions natively, at least if Microsoft’s statements about the system so far are to be believed.

And according to Michael Goodman, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, that last point in particular will be something that Microsoft drums up as it readies to market the Scorpio. “Can you really tell the difference between playing games in upscaled versus native 4K?” Goodman said to We Write Things. “Again, it’s one of those aspects that’s really going to be a marketing tool. Microsoft will be able to say, ‘yeah, we’re doing native 4K,’ just like Sony can now say that they have the most powerful system. However, when push comes to shove, it is hard to tell the difference between native and upscaled 4K.”

He also mentioned how Sony might approach marketing the PS4, what with it no longer being the most powerful system on the market. “Interestingly enough, for the first time, Sony is on the other end of that conversation” he said. “They’ll need to take a page out of Microsoft’s playbook- how do you market a less powerful console?”

I honestly expect that Sony will not have much problems marketing the PS4 even after the Scorpio is out. The massive install base it has gives it inertia and momentum, not to mention the massive library, especially of exclusive games, that the PS4 already has over the Xbox One. Scorpio should be able to do fine for itself- but I legitimately don’t see ti being much of a threat for Sony at all.

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  • Brian

    ready for SCORPIO!!!

    • tudiguha

      Works at Mý £ìfé,my Rûlë§..Løvé mÊ ør Håté mé.Î ðøñt çÁRÊ..ÆÑð mý lifÊ ,my Rúlës,mý Stýlé,Mý paSsiøn,mý ÅTtîtüðé,Mý péRsøNálíTý,mý chØicë xø nØ nÊéð îñtêRèr..Î lívê mÿ Øwñ StýLé……Løl Ha ahâ&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

    • tudiguha

      ➽➽➽➽“work online”

    • Mr Xrat

      Ready for CrapGamer live-streaming drinking bleach.

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    Roll on.

  • Eliezer Barreto

    Jajja and still

    ‘sparse’ rendering as two examples. Half-resolution is a technique we’ve seen before, where intensive GPU effects are cut down in size to effect efficiency savings, sitting within a full resolution framebuffer.In effect, Microsoft is saying that half-res effects run at 1080p in a 4K framebuffer will look better than a native 900p, which is difficult to argue with. The second major technique it advocates is ‘sparse rendering’ – which is better known in the post-PS4 Pro era as checkerboarding. Not only does Microsoft advocate the same technique for Scorpio, it also cites the same impressive work by Ubisoft seen in Rainbow Six Siege – to the point where the exact same presentation shown to me by Mark Cerny a few months back is referenced in the whitepaper. Of course, the technique has evolved further since then, with the same core technology also used in the PC and PS4 Pro versions of Watch Dogs 2, with exceptional results..

  • Eliezer Barreto

    They will use techniques similars to ps4 pro chreckboard rendering

    • kma99

      All first party exclusives are native 4k. No damage control please

  • Davey681

    The trailer for Shadow of war (another Xbox play anywhere title) that leaked today is in native 4k. We are looking at native 4k games on Xbox Scorpio if the devs choose in addition to many multiplats being Xbox play anywhere. 1st party exclusives already announced at native 4k…if you think they are lying you are a moron. Scorpio is mine.

    • Luke Skywalker

      No its mine

    • Mr Xrat

      The PC version on Windows 10 Store, clown. That all goes under Dudbox.

      2006 textures at 4K are gonna be hilarious

  • Mr Xrat

    Not much else they can sell the carcass with. Those few games they bother to put out with 2006 textures at 4K though!

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