14 Games With Terrible AI

No matter how good or bad these games are, their AI leaves much to be desired.

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For all of the great enemies that we’ve faced in gaming history – from the Marines in Half Life to the Replicants in F.E.A.R. – there are some that are simply dumb. We’re talking dumb as doorknobs and half as useful. We may never know why some enemy AI is so gosh-darn horrible but it’s still funny to witness. Let’s take a look at 14 games with terrible AI.

Days Gone

days gone

While the Freaker Hordes tend to be powerful threats, many of the Bandits in Days Gone are just dumb. It’s extremely easy to sneak up and kill them within a few feet of their allies without causing a stir. You can murder heaps of enemies from a bush simply because the others fail to react when one goes down. To think that these stray humans managed to survive when the Freakers are clearly smarter.

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