15 Bosses In The Soulsborne Series You Can Defeat Without Breaking A Sweat

The Soulsborne series may have some tough bosses but these don’t quite make the cut.

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The Soulsborne series is often held up as a standard for difficulty in video games. From Demon’s Souls to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, From Software has delivered some of the toughest scenarios and boss fights imaginable. However, not every boss is an epic battle – some of them seem to have trouble just walking towards you.

Note: This list is in random order.

Adjudicator – Demon’s Souls

Dark Souls Adjudicator

How do you best want to deal with the Adjuticator? Perhaps from afar with arrows, trivializing this entire fight? Then again, even if it knocks you down to its level, probably hitting some of its massively damaging blows, there’s nothing stopping you from just walking around it. Each of the Adjudicator’s cleavers has a long wind-up so they’re pretty easy to dodge and punish.

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