15 Emotional Moments in the Entire Final Fantasy Series That Will Make You Cry

Tearful reunions and heroic sacrifices alike define Square Enix’s stellar RPG series.

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The Final Fantasy series may tell a different story with each new sequel (exceptions abound, of course) but each of them has an incredible moment or two that stays with you. While cataloging each and every one of those will take a long, long while, let’s take a look at what we think are 15 of the most emotional moments from the entire series. Spoilers – and we mean major spoilers – for almost every game in the series abound.

Vivi’s Past – Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9’s cast has this ineffable charisma that makes it hard to not like them. Vivi the Black Mage is one example, being relatively kind but also easy to manipulate and down on himself more often than not. However, Vivi is actually a manufactured Black Mage, created in Dali by Alexandria as a prototype soldier and accidentally separated from his ilk. Upon reaching Dali and learning the truth – that its villagers are responsible for keeping the entire Black Mage production under wraps – Vivi becomes even less self-assured. When Black Waltz 3, a winged Black Mage, arrives to recapture Garnet, the other Black Mages attempt to protect Vivi despite initially capturing him. They all fall, leading to Vivi facing Black Waltz 3 and taking the first steps to defining his purpose throughout the journey.

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