15 Games We Wish Had An Easy Mode

Much as we may pine, these games won’t be getting easier any time soon.

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We take for granted how some games are made these days. Easing the player and keeping the experience balanced seems a given but some games subvert this rule. They’re fairly difficult to play from the outset due to their gameplay but also because of one’s lack of knowledge on how to make them easy. These are the games that you kind of wish had an easy mode when they first released rather than making you scratch and claw to make them easy. Not that they’ll ever get optional easy modes but it’s still interesting to look back and examine why they were so difficult. So without further ado, let’s take a look.

Dark Souls Remastered

Combat in FromSoftware games always has a straightforward explanation – hit this button to attack, this button to dodge etc. However, the greater nuances like stamina management, invincibility frames while rolling, the significance of certain stats and what to build towards take more time to understand. That’s not even considering the design of bosses in games like Dark Souls Remastered or the order to go to certain areas given the game’s world design. Suffice it to say but if this or the original was your first Dark Souls, it was a struggle.

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