15 More Things You Cannot Resist Doing In Video Games

You may have a problem but you’re not alone.

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Impulses dominate our every waking moment. Sometimes they’re under control but other times, you can’t resist sleeping in another 10 minutes or checking your phone. Video games are pretty much the same. There are some things we tend to do in video games that we simply can’t resist, especially because they’re video games. Let’s take a look at 15 such cases.

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Entering NPC Houses and Being a Jerk

Role playing games have rarely answered the dilemma of why NPCs would let anyone, even the player character, enter their homes uninvited. Expanding on this, it’s entirely possible to ruin an NPC’s day in their very home. Wake him up from a nap and smack him around or steal everything in sight – who’s going to stop you (aside from maybe the guards in Skyrim that is)? Even with the threat of repercussion, asserting your dominance in NPC houses is almost a must at times.

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