15 Scariest Video Game Endings

As terrifying as things can be, these games truly scarred us with their endings.

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True terror is something that can’t really be described. It varies from person to person and can often hold a titanic grip on our lives. While many of these endings may or may not have the same effect, no one can deny the spookiness they instill especially after hours of psychological horror. So let’s take a look at 15 of the scariest endings in video games.


Set on the precipices of Hell, Limbo sees a lone boy trying to find a missing girl, who’s apparently his his sister. Along the way, he meets either angry folk or dead folk. Oh, and a terrifying giant spider that will quickly murder him. After all the trials, the boy finds himself back in the forest and seemingly finds the girl. Suddenly, the game ends. Yes, just like that. Did they proceed to the afterlife? Are they stuck in limbo? The unknown can be scary in its own right and Limbo masters it quite well.

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