15 Things Gamers Who Play Solo Will Understand

Whether you play online titles or story campaigns, going solo has its perks and detriments.

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With all the games that emphasize finding friends and communicating, it’s not easy being a solo player. Whether you’re playing alone in a multiplayer title, locked out of activities meant for pre-made teams or just trying to find an ending that won’t disappoint you in single-player titles, there are a few woes that only solo players can understand. Let’s take a look at 15 such issues below.

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Soloing Co-op Missions

How many times have you had to solo the Nightfall in Destiny? What about partaking in the Weekly HVTs in The Division in the patch 1.3 days or current Legendary missions? Co-op missions are designed for multiple players and offer some great rewards in certain games. And while they could be soloed, having to brave that challenge alone is much tougher than having a team.

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