30 Huge Gaming Reveals That Could Happen Soon

Here are 30 potential announcements to look forward to in the coming weeks, from long-awaited remakes and sequels to brand-new titles.

Posted By | On 28th, May. 2024

30 Huge Gaming Reveals That Could Happen Soon

It’s that time of the year again when showcases collide as announcements and World Premieres take center stage. With the Xbox Games Showcase, Summer Game Fest, the PC Gaming Show and a rumored PlayStation Showcase coming up, there’s much to look forward to. Here are 30 possible announcements to look forward to.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date

Whether it’s posters allegedly showing up in GameStop, the ESRB rating the title or Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb reporting an appearance at the rumored PlayStation Showcase and The Snitch seemingly corroborating, Silent Hill 2’s time is nigh. Bloober Team’s remake could get new gameplay and a release date, with CEO Piotr Babieno outright saying last month that the latter is happening “soon”. Based on all the evidence, launching this Fall or Winter wouldn’t be surprising. Perhaps in time for the constantly rumored…

PS5 Pro Reveal


With nearly everything about it leaked save for the design and price, it’s almost a given that Sony could finally unveil the PS5 Pro. The release window is still a bit iffy – Grubb reported a September 2024 release, while Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson indicated a Holiday launch, potentially slipping due to the lack of big first-party titles before claiming a Fall release window. Either way, with an alleged 28 percent more memory bandwidth, 33.5 TFLOPs GPU and support for Sony’s new supersampling tech, it could make a splash if Silent Hill 2 remake is a showcase title. As for when it could be announced, the PlayStation Showcase makes sense, but it could very well be at the Sony Corporate Group Meeting occurring soon.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater Release Date and New Gameplay

Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater_01

Along with the Silent Hill 2 remake, PlayStation did this wonderful thing in January, where it outright said Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is coming in 2024. There’s been no denial from Konami nor acceptance, only the assurance last March that development is going well, thank you for asking, etc. However, it also promised an upcoming video presentation with “bigger announcements.” What better time than this Summer to provide an updated gameplay reveal and release date?

Ghost of Tsushima 2 Announcement

ghost of tsushima 3

There have been some rumors about Ghost of Tsushima 2, though nothing as of late as we approach Sony’s alleged PlayStation Showcase this month. Nevertheless, the time feels ripe, with Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut available on PC and the movie (directed by Chad Stahelski of John Wick fame) coming up. If it happens, expect limited to no gameplay and a potential release window in 2025.

Next Astro Bot Reveal

astro bot rescue mission

Of course, the other possible reveal is the next Astro Bot game. Team Asobi has been quiet since announcing work on its “most ambitious game yet”, and Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb reports that the new title could finally release this year (though he clubbed it in with Sony’s “smaller first-party titles”). The Snitch would seemingly corroborate its appearance at the next PlayStation Showcase, whenever it may be, so it could very well be Astro’s big break, especially with Sony not releasing any new titles for its bigger first-party franchises until April 2025 onwards.

God of War Ragnarok PC Announcement

Another seemingly inevitable announcement is God of War Ragnarok coming to PC. The rumor comes from none other than Dealabs’ billbil-kun, who has an impeccable record with leaks. They outright said an announcement is coming this month, adding more fire to rumors of a PlayStation Showcase this month. Regardless, given Sony’s habit of launching first-party titles on PC a few years after their PlayStation debuts, it would be surprising to see it out in 2024. Fingers crossed and whatnot.

Gears 6 Announcement

Speaking of “right timing,” Microsoft announcing the next Gears of War at its Xbox Games Showcase would be ideal in many ways. Fortunately, Grubb reported something happening this Summer with Gears 6. The Verge’s Tom Warren agreed and then outright said in a later report that there would be an announcement at the show. If that’s not enough, the voice of JD Fenix, actor Liam McIntyre, said on Twitter that Microsoft and The Coalition will “tell us all in June” regarding certain story spoilers.

Perfect Dark Gameplay Reveal

The Xbox Games Showcase could also mark an appearance for Perfect Dark. Announced in 2020 with nary a bit of gameplay or details since and plenty of concerning rumors and reports, insider Nate the Hate “fully expects” it to appear at the showcase (with Grubb also hearing that it could show up). That would fit with Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty being “cautiously confident” in June 2023 about a gameplay deep dive arriving by late 2024.

State of Decay 3 Gameplay Reveal

state of decay 3

The other title potentially getting a deep dive is State of Decay 3, Undead Labs’ next chapter in the survival sandbox zombie series. Also announced in 2020 with little to no updates in terms of gameplay since, its developer saw allegations of negligence in 2022, which reportedly affected development. Nevertheless, Jez Corden of Windows Central remarked recently that it’s coming along quite well, so perhaps we’ll finally see an update at the Xbox showcase.

Game Pass Price Hike Announcement

Another more unfortunate rumor doing the rounds is that of Game Pass getting a price hike. The Verge’s Tom Warren reported on it. Xbox president Sarah Bond would then confirm Activision’s titles coming to the service on day one. Even more rumors surfaced afterwards, with insider NateDrake claiming that new tiers are coming. There will also allegedly be changes in “the form of pricing and a tier change.” Regardless of those plans, a Game Pass price increase seems inevitable, especially given how subscriber counts haven’t been soaring lately.

Hollow Knight: Silksong Release Date Announcement

The best part about so many upcoming events is that Hollow Knight: Silksong could appear at almost anyone. That ups the chances of a potential new trailer and maybe a release date announcement. Does that mean multiple chances to be disappointed as well? Sure, but with the title rated in South Korea, Australia and the US, it would be weird to get nothing in return. Either way, it’s been over five years since the announcement trailer, Team Cherry. Just…please, anything.

Borderlands 4 Reveal

Borderlands 3

2K Games confirmed that Borderlands 4 was in active development after Gearbox’s acquisition by Take-Two but rumors were already claiming that it saw a shake-up in leadership. The publishing label confirmed a reveal for the “next iteration” in one of its “biggest and most beloved franchises” at Summer Game Fest. Potential Borderlands 4 announcement and gameplay? It would be the safe bet, for sure.

Mafia 4 Announcement

mafia definitive edition

However, there’s also a chance it could be Hanger 13’s long-rumored Mafia 4. Leaker Kurakasis claimed last month that Take-Two had begun “preparations for an announcement regarding the Mafia series.” Allegedly developed on Unreal Engine 5 and serving as a prequel to the series with Don Salieri as the protagonist, it could be the big reveal for Summer Game Fest.

Sonic X Shadow Generations Announcement

sonic x shadow generations

Sega is confirmed as a partner for Summer Game Fest, and while there’s plenty it could discuss, news on Sonic X Shadow Generations seems likely. The remaster, features a new campaign starring Shadow the Hedgehog. A new trailer and release date seems likely.

Sonic Heroes Remake Announcement

Sonic Heroes

While Sonic X Shadow Generations may be the main attraction, Sega could announce another remake in the series. According to Nintendo Universe, it’s Sonic Heroes, allegedly developed on Unreal Engine 5 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. Whether Summer Game Fest is the place or not, it would garner the most attention.

Metro 4 Reveal

While a prequel to Metro 2033 sounds great, some fans were doubtless disappointed that Metro Awakening is a VR-exclusive title. Perhaps to quell some of that, publisher Deep Silver confirmed that “development continues separately at 4A Games on the next mainline installment of the Metro series.” Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson reported last year in February that it was “well into development” and “fully playable.” Even if Deep Silver reveals the release date for Awakening at Summer Game Fest (where it’s a partner), it wouldn’t be odd to see Metro 4 get a short teaser.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows Gameplay Reveal

Assassin's Creed Shadows_02

The developer has confirmed updates on its major releases for this year, including Assassin’s Creed Shadows and Star Wars Outlaws. With pre-orders and various details for the former out in the wild, it seems a given that there will be a gameplay showcase. If coincidence isn’t enough, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson outright reported this would be the case, with hands-on impressions going live on June 12th.

Valve’s Deadlock

Between all the leaked screenshots, gameplay and details, it feels like Valve is gearing up to announce Deadlock. The alleged 6v6 hero shooter is in the alpha stage and features 19 characters, with the usual MOBA roles of tanks, healers and damage dealers. While no release windows have circulated, there’s every possibility that Valve drops the announcement out of nowhere and opens up registrations for a closed alpha.

Monster Hunter Wilds – New Gameplay and Release Window

Monster Hunter Wilds_02

When discussing predictions, Monster Hunter Wilds getting some gameplay and a possible release window is probably the safest bet. The developer already confirmed new details this Summer, and as a partner at Summer Game Fest, it only makes sense to at least provide a trailer. It could then tout more information at the next Showcase or a Monster Hunter Wilds Digital Event later in June. It makes too much sense not to happen.

Kingdom Hearts 4 New Trailer

As odd as it seems, Kingdom Hearts 4 could appear in the upcoming Summer showcases, though which one is the question. Leaker Daniel Richtman recently revealed that it would launch sometime next year. If that’s the case, an upcoming reveal doesn’t sound too far fetched, especially with the Kingdom Hearts series recently becoming available on Steam.

Wonder Woman Update

Wonder Woman image

Among the many publishers confirmed for the Summer Game Fest is WB Games. We haven’t heard anything about Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman since December 2021 – outside of the publisher denying it’s a live-service title and a job listing for WB Games Montreal revealing that it’s supporting development. Perhaps this year’s showcase could finally be the time, especially if Warner Bros. Discovery wants a big release for the fiscal year.

Starfield: Shattered Space Reveal and Release Date

Starfield’s first paid expansion, Shattered Space, was already confirmed to launch this year and receive new details. However, The Verge’s Tom Warren reported that it would not only appear at the Xbox Games Showcase but receive a release date (allegedly for September). Redditors also spotted references in its May update video to House Var’uun, a faction that didn’t appear in the base game but whom one of your companions follows. Whatever its nature, expect it to appear all the same.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Release Date

indiana jones and the great circle

Likewise, there’s Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Microsoft’s next big first-party title coming this year. MachineGames’ action-adventure is reportedly launching in December, per The Verge, so some new gameplay and an announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase seems a given.

Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra Trailer

marvel 1943 rise of hydra

This one’s a bit of a wildcard, not only because Skydance New Media showcased in-game scenes during the State of Unreal at GDC in March, but also because it has a 2025 release window. The developer isn’t listed for Summer Game Fest, though the next round of partners could contain its name. If so, perhaps there will be gameplay and the announcement of platforms.

New Xbox Hardware Announcement

xbox series x

Other first-party games allegedly coming to PS5, potential Game Pass price hikes – Microsoft has a lot on its plate, rumors-wise. However, one confirmed bit is that it will unveil “some exciting stuff coming out in hardware.” It’s unlikely to be the next Xbox, which Microsoft touts as delivering “the largest technical leap” in a generation, but maybe it’s the rumored mid-gen refresh leaked in documents during its FTC trial. Perhaps it’s the new all-digital white Xbox Series X, whose images have been circulating. Whatever it may be, an announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase would make sense.

Crimson Desert New Trailer and Release Window

crimson desert darkpowers

Remember Crimson Desert, Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss’s ambitious single-player action RPG? It seems that development is complete, and marketing reportedly will kick off in the coming months, per leaker Lunatic Ignus. Targeting a Q1 2025 release, there’s every chance it could appear at Summer Game Fest, especially since its first trailer was at The Game Awards 2020.

Resident Evil 9 Announcement

Pragmata may be in limbo, but it could be gearing up to reveal the next mainline Resident Evil. Reportedly launching in January 2025 per leaker Dusk Golem, it allegedly has the series’ largest development time frame and budget. None of that will stop it from being a monster success, and though it could be unveiled at Summer Game Fest, it wouldn’t be remiss to see it appear during Sony’s rumored PlayStation Showcase.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Gameplay and Release Date

BioWare and Electronic Arts confirmed a full reveal for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in Summer 2024, and based on reports by Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, a new trailer could drop around Summer Game Fest. Even more interestingly, it’s seemingly launching this year. The publisher revealed recently that it has two “unannounced” titles releasing this fiscal year, with Grubb noting that Dreadwolf is one of them. Whether it arrives this year remains to be seen. For now, we just want to see some extended gameplay.

Splinter Cell Remake Update

Announced in 2021, Splinter Cell remake could be due for…something at Forward. There’s not much to go on, save for the developer changing its Facebook page header and profile picture to Sam Fisher’s signature NV goggles, but you never know. As for the nature of the reveal, your guess is as good as ours.

New Ghost Recon Reveal

Then there’s the next Ghost Recon, rumored way back in 2022 and allegedly launching in 2025 or 2026. Codenamed Project Over, it’s reportedly a first-person shooter, per Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson. If the Splinter Cell remake could get an update at Forward, the next Ghost Recon seems just as possible.

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