Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Update 1.2.0 Adds Ostara Festival, Transmog, and New Skills

The update goes live tomorrow at 5 AM PDT.

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assassin's creed valhalla

Ubisoft will deploy a new title update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tomorrow. It will go live at 5 AM PDT/8 AM EDT for all platforms with file size ranging from 12.6 GB on PS4 to 17.97 GB on Xbox Series X/S. Features-wise, it adds support for the Ostara Festival which runs from March 18th to April 8th and offers egg hunts along with “special rewards.”

Transmog is also being added and allows one to change the appearance of their weapon and gear at Gunnar’s blacksmith. The process costs 50 Silver and items with transmog will be marked with a star. New skills are also incoming like Fearless Leaper which provides a larger AoE for leap attack damage and Raven’s Loot which sees Eivor’s raven looting foes killed by ranged attacks.

Other features include an option for a closer camera (which will still zoom out during combat), more foxes in England and improved physics when sprinting up staircases. For more details, check out the patch notes here. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia.


Game Improvements


  • There will now be more cats throughout England. The best clutter.
  • Foxes should no longer spawn inside Lunden.
  • Addressed an issue that downgraded Ubisoft Connect Rewards (i.e. Spartan bow, Moonlight Axe).
  • Improved character physics behavior when running up the stairs. Clothes no longer go brrr.
  • Small boats will now catch fire when throwing torches at them.


  • Addressed an issue that caused Skadi’s Blade’s perk to remain inactive when conditions are met.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the boar master’s melee attack not to build up fire damage on the player.
  • Addressed an issue that caused Petra’s Arc perk to remain inactive above 90% HP.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Huntsman rune to be activated when conditions are not met.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to break the heavy runic attack of Kjotve with light attacks during the third phase.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented Guaranteed Assassination from working and reduced damage dealt after acquiring the Shoulder Bash ability.

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