Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – Best Legendary Items and How to Get Them

Legendary items are some of the rarest in Larian Studios' epic role-playing game. Here are some of the best and how to get them.

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Your party of eager adventurers starts with very little in Baldur’s Gate 3 but can discover much to become stronger, including sick loot. To that end, Legendary items are some of the best in the game, providing unique perks to accommodate different playstyles.

However, while you may receive quests and hints to find some of these items, you’ll have to go out of your way to actually obtain them. Here are some of our recommendations for the best Legendaries in the game and how to get them.

Best Legendary Items

How to Get the Orphic Hammer

The Orphic Hammer is found in Act 3 where you have to sign a pact. Do this to receive the Orphic Hammer immediately. If you don’t want to sign the Pact, the Hammer is found later in the House of Hope in the Archive Room, but everyone will turn hostile when you pick it up.

The Orphic Hammer deals 1d10 (1d8)+4 Bludgeoning damage and provides an Advantage on Saving Throws against Spells, which is pretty massive when going up against spellcasters. It can also use Unshackling Strike to free a paralyzed, stunned or restrained target. Pretty good generally and when used on a Warrior that can close the distance on targets with Jump.

How to Get The Blood of Lathander

The Blood of Lathander is found in Rosymorn Monastery in Act 1 but requires much effort to obtain. First, you must have Lae’zel in your party and venture to the Mountain Pass to find the Githyanki Creche. After a fight occurs, cross the bridge to the Trielta Crags waypoint and go northeast to find the Rosymorn Monastery. Interact with the cable car wheel (which requires a 15 Strength Skill Check) and ride it down to the Monastery. Cross the bridge from its waypoint to overhear talk of The Blood of Lathander.

Take the entrance on your left to enter the Monastery. Ignore the bodies on the floor and venture to the back, then up the stairs. Keep going until you reach the roof and destroy the barricade blocking the staircase. Go down and then right to another barricade. Destroy it and take the door on your right (there should be a Perception Check to highlight it). Explore to find a statue of Lathander to receive the quest to find the Blood of Lathander, which involves finding three weapons – the Ceremonial Warhammer, Ceremonial Battleaxe and Rusty Mace.

Once you have them, go to the room with stained glass windows and place the Warhammer to the left, the Battleaxe in the center and the Mace to the right. Do this to obtain the Dawnmaster’s Crest. Return to the room with Lathander’s statue and venture to the Monastery Basement to unlock the waypoint for Creche Y’llek.

There are two statues, left and right, inside. Turn the right statue once, the left one three times and then the right statue twice. A secret passage opens after you get the message “Lathander blesses the rising, bountiful sun” to reach another puzzle room. First, destroy the blue crystals on the chandelier to the left of the door that’s glowing.

Go up the stairs and destroy another crystal. Jump across the path to find another crystal and destroy it. Return to the Dawnbreaker device and perform a Dexterity Skill Check to deactivate it. Another crystal is present on the cliff – destroy it to progress.

The Blood of Lathander is in the next room, and you have two ways of going about this. The first is to take it, which activates a self-destruct mechanism unless you destroy the four crystals within four turns. The second is to insert the Dawnmaster’s Crest, allowing you to take the weapon without repercussions.

The Blood of Lathander is a Legendary Mace and restores 2-12 Hit Points if yours are reduced to zero once per Long Rest (which is essentially a free revive). If there are any allies within six meters, they also heal for 1-6 Hit Points. It also shines in a six-meter radius, blinding fiends and undead if they fail the Constitution Saving Throw. If that weren’t enough, it also casts Sunbeam, a Level 6 Evocation Spell that deals 6d8 Radiant damage with an 18-meter range. Upon activating it, you can keep recasting it without spending a Spell Slot for ten turns.

How to Get Nyrluna

There’s a genie in the Circus Wyrm’s Crossing named Akabi who doesn’t exactly play by the rules. When you spin the wheel, its result will not favor you more often than not. There are a couple of ways to overcome this. If you pickpocket his ring, which is possible after the first spin, you can change the result into something positive. Alternatively, if you’re playing a Bard, you have opportunities to distract him.

Out of anger, Akabi will transport you to a jungle. Search nearby for a Rune Circle, and the Nyrluna should be there. It’s a Legendary Trident dealing 1d8 (1d6)+3 Piercing damage and 1+d6 Thunder damage. Throwing causes it to return to your hand immediately, and it can’t be knocked away. Throwing it triggers an explosion that deals 3-12 Thunder damage in a six-meter blast around the target. It also glows in a six-meter radius, which helps in dark locations.

How to Get Silver Sword of the Astral Plane

The Legendary Sword that Kith’rak Voss wields can be yours, but only if you get the Orphic Hammer. Ensure you don’t kill him early on, and he appears in your Camp at night, seeking peace but also requiring aid. Once you obtain the Orphic Hammer, look for Voss in Sharess’ Caress and show it to him. After finishing the conversation, you obtain the Silver Sword of the Astral Plane as a reward.

The Sword deals 2d6+6 Slashing damage and 1d6 Psychic damage under certain conditions. It’s best suited for Lae’zel, but any Githyanki can wield the weapon to deal an additional 1-6 Psychic damage. You also gain an Advantage on Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma Saving Throws and Resistance to Psychic damage. Charm also doesn’t work on you.

How to Get Shar’s Spear of Evening and Selune’s Spear of Night

Both weapons are from the same questline, but first, you need to improve your approval rating with Shadowheart. You receive information from Liam in the Shattered Sanctum or from Halsin after rescuing him from the Goblin Camp in Act 1 regarding the quest. Go to the Grymforge in the Underdark. Head to the Selunite Outpost and then to the Myconid Colony just north before venturing to the beach.

Take the boat to Grymforge and the elevator to reach the Shadow-Cursed Lands. You need light sources like a Torch or spells to traverse the darkness. Go to the Last Light Inn and speak with Jaheira. After a tense confrontation, speak to Isodel, a Selune priestess, who provides a buff to prevent negative effects from the darkness. After fighting a boss, you can go with Jaheira and the Harpers on an ambush, which nets the Moonlantern.

Otherwise, go to Thorm Mausoleum and activate the Splendor mural, followed by Tragedy and Infamy. You then have to complete three Trials – the Soft-Step Trial requires stealth, while the Self-Same Trial requires each character to fight their copy. Finally, the Faith-Leap Trial requires traversing platforms enshrouded in darkness. Once again, use a spell to create light or use potions that grant flight to make it across.

Go to the Silent Library and pick up the Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger after defeating the boss. Use this to unlock the iron doors and obtain the Spear of Night. Venture to the northeast and follow the Displacer, culminating in a boss fight against the Orthon. Upon slaying it, go to the Shadowfell Entrance and insert the Umbral Gems collected.

Upon entering, you’ll meet Nightsong and can either kill her, spare her or ask Shadowheart to decide. Killing her grants Shar’s Spear of Evening, a Legendary Spear that deals 1d8 (1d6)+4 Piercing damage, +1d6 Piercing and +1d4 Necrotic damage. It provides a Saving Throw while Lightly or Heavily Obscured and an additional 1d6 damage to enemies that are Lightly or Heavily Obscured.

The user is also immune to Blind, so when paired with the Dark Justiciar set, which allows you to cast Darkness spells, it makes for some powerful synergies. Unfortunately, the narrative consequences may be too heavy.

So instead, spare Nightsong (or ask Shadowheart to decide), and the Spear of Night becomes the Moonlight Glaive. Upon meeting her in Baldur’s Gate, you receive Selune’s Spear of Night. Along with Darkvision, it provides an Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws and Perception Checks. It also allows casting Moonbeam, a Level 3 Evocation Spell that summons a beam of moonlight to continuously damage enemies. It lasts ten turns, and you can change its position during this time, up to a range of 18 meters.

How to Get Balduran’s Giantslayer and the Helm of Balduran

Want a two-handed Greatsword that doubles the damage from your Strength Modifier? Balduran’s Giantslayer is the ticket. It deals 2d6+5 Slashing and +2 Slashing damage while providing an Advantage to Attack Rolls against Large, Huge or Gargantuan creatures. You can also use Giant Form, which causes you to increase in size, gaining 27 temporary HP and dealing an additional 1d6 damage for ten turns. You also have an Advantage on Strength Checks and Saving Throws.

As for the Helm of Balduran, it restores 2 Hit Points when a turn starts and provides a +1 to Armor Class and Saving Throws. On top of this, you won’t receive Critical Hits and have Stun Immunity.

You get both of these in Act 3 from saving the Duke (or waiting for a soldier of the Flaming Fists to talk to Wyll). It takes you to the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. Look for two torches and use lightning on them to reveal a hidden section.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for PC – check out our review here. It’s coming to PS5 on September 6th.

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