Battlefield 5 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Battlefield V.

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Battlefield 5 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game



PS4, Xbox One, PC

Genre:First Person Shooter

Release Date:October 21, 2018

EA DICE’s super-popular first person shooter franchise is returning with Battlefield V, bringing more of its mix of infantry and vehicular combat in destructible environments. 2016’s Battlefield 1 broke away from the series’ recent modern day settings, and Battlefield V is going to continue in that direction.

However, as opposed to Battlefield 1, which was set during World War I, Battlefield V is going to bring the series back to the Second World War.


DICE had been wanting to return to the World War II setting in their Battlefield games for some time, but were hesitant to do so, because they felt they did not want to retread things that had already been done by not only previous Battlefield games themselves, but also so many other first person shooters in the market. However, after the success of Battlefield 1 and its World War I setting, DICE decided to take the leap with Battlefield V. Their aim, however, is to focus more on lesser known fronts and events from the Second World War, in order to make sure they’re not retreading older material that has been seen in the genre several times in the past.

Battlefield V is also being developed on the new Frostbite 4, an updated version of the DICE-developed Frostbite engine. Powered by Frostbite 4Battlefield V will have better lighting, better particle effects, higher resolution textures, and all around more realistic looking environments. An example of this is the game’s water effects, which will see a significant boost thanks to the new “networked water” system, which allows all players in a single game to view the map’s water the exact same way- essentially, any wave in a water body, for instance, will be seen by all players.

DICE have also considerably changed their post-launch support and monetization policies for Battlefield V. Following the controversies surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II in 2017, which was also developed by DICE, they made the decision to not include any loot boxes or pay-to-win elements in Battlefield V. As such, while there will be microtransactions in the game, they will not be pay-to-win, and will only be restricted to purchase of cosmetic items. Additionally, Battlefield V won’t have a season pass or any post-launch paid DLC either. Instead, all post-launch content, including new maps and modes, will be released to all players for free.


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Just like Battlefield 1 in 2016, Battlefield V will not have a single, overarching story, but will instead feature several episodic stories as part of its War Stories. War Stories will be focusing on individual characters and soldiers in the backdrop of the Second World War, and will be looking to unique perspectives and experiences to the players. War Stories will depict the individual stories of both male and female soldiers across different events and locations throughout World War II. It has been confirmed that French Colonial troops will also be featured.

While not much is known about the War Stories, two locations have been confirmed. One of them is the deserts of North Africa, while another is the frozen landscapes of Norway, which will be party of the Nordly War Story. This will see players playing as a young female soldier who is part of the Norwegian Resistance during Germany’s 1943 occupation of Norway. The soldier is looking to reunite with and rescue her family. Other details on War Stories are yet to be shared by DICE and EA.


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With Battlefield V, DICE are looking to take the realism and authenticity factor of their series even further than in past games. As such, they are looking to remove “abstractions” for their games and add more immersive elements, in order to make the player interact with the game more and in more realistic ways, such as manually opening doors, entering vehicles, and picking up health and ammo themselves. Healing and regeneration has also been revamped as part of this drive for more realism.

Reviving in Battlefield V is going to be a much more realistic mechanic, with you actually having to physically interact with downed soldiers by going down to treat them, and then pulling them off the ground as well. Additionally, thanks to the new “Buddy Revive” mechanic, reviving isn’t limited to just medics anymore. All players in a squad can revive all players. However, if you’re not a medic, reviving downed friendlies will take longer than if you were a qualified medic. Regardless of whether or not you’re a medic, though, players will never be able to recover full health. Destructibility will also be increased, with environments being more destructible than before (for instance, bullet holes will leave actual physical holes in walls), and will vary depending on the calibre and strength of what weapons or vehicles players are using. There will also be dynamic weather effects that will interact with the environment and may have an impact on gameplay, especially in the Grand Operations mode.

Battlefield V is of course going to see the return of several game modes, including War Stories, of course, as well as staples like Conquest and Team Deathmatch. Moving beyond that, it is also going to introduce several new modes to the series. Chief among these, at least in terms of the general media attention it has gotten since its announcement, is Royale, which is Battlfield’s take on the currently popular battle royale genre. DICE have promised that it will feature the same brand of tactical combat, vehicular action, and environment destruction that characterizes other modes in the series, but not much else is known at this point. There is a possibility that Royale may not be included in the game at launch and will be added post-launch, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

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Another major new mode that is being added is Grand Operations, which is an expanded take on the Operations mode from Battlefield 1. Grand Operations is 64 player mode that sees player engaging in large-scale conflicts spread across four in-game days, with each day featuring different multiplayer modes with custom rules and distinct maps. The results at the end of each day will determine how well each team is faring on the subsequent day, and if the conflict should make it to the fourth and final day, both teams will enter a sudden death battle called Final Stand, where each player will have one life and one clip of ammunition for their primary weapon, and nothing else, with the last team standing ultimately winning the match.

Combined Arms is yet another new mode that Battlefield V brings to the table. This is a four player co-op mode, and DICE are building it with the aim of having it serve as a sort of bridge between the single player and the multiplayer. The purpose of this mode is to help those who may not be all too familiar with Battlefield’s multiplayer get acclimatized with the experience in a more accessible manner. Each mission in the mode randomly generates new objectives, and players are tasked with either finishing as many of these as possible, or extracting out of the zone they’re put into, all the while managing the limited set of resources given to them.

Battlefield V will also be tied together with a larger metagame, which will be known as the Company system. Each player will be part of a Company, which will level up alongside all of their soldiers. Players will be able to switch combat roles for soldiers as per their needs and requirements. There will also be two Factions in total (at launch, while more might be added on later)- these will be the British Army, and the Wehrmacht. Factions will also have different visual options.

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Companies will also present players with a variety of customization options, which will include customizable weapons, soldiers, and vehicles, while on the cosmetic side (which will be tied with microtransactions), customization is going to extend to things like apparel and skins as well. Weapons will have 5-7 part slots which players can use to add visual customization options. Visual customization slots will also be included in planes and tanks. Players’ soldiers can be visually customized. More specifically, their customizations will pertain to their face, face paint, helmets, jackets, pants, and more.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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