Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Patch 1.12 Notes Reveals Armor Changes, Barbarians Event Live for Xbox One/PC

Ambush in Blackout and a new Zombies Gauntlet are now live for PS4 players first.

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After providing a few details on today’s patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch has confirmed that patch 1.12 is now live. Modes like Ambush in Blackout and the Zombies Gauntlet “Veni, Vidi, Zombie!” are now live for PS4 players, while Xbox One and PC players also get the Barbarians Special Event stream in the Black Market. More importantly, the patch notes reveal how extensively armor was nerfed in Blackout.

Damage protection for level 1 armor has been reduced from 30 to 15 percent, level 2 armor has gone from 40 to 25 percent, and level 3 armor now provides 35 percent damage protection instead of 50. If you’re still leaning on level 3 armor to save you, then just know that explosive damage resistance is gone. Melee weapon damage reduction has also been removed.

If that weren’t enough, the number of armor plates required to repair a single pip of durability for level 3 armor has been increased to 2. Other changes include the concussion grenade having reduced status effect duration and radius. The cluster grenade has also been nerfed, with the mini-cluster explosions having reduced damage and the grenade itself taking time to detonate.

Some of the patch notes are below, but you can read them in full here.


  • Blackjack’s Gun Game added as Featured Playlist in MP.
  • Hardcore Moshpit, Endurance Chaos Moshpit, Mercenary Capture Moshpit, and Safeguard added to Featured category in MP.
  • Tuning adjustments for Armor, Concussion Grenade, and Cluster Grenade in Blackout.
  • Classic and loot weapons added to the Mystery Box in Zombies.
  • Armory support for classic and loot weapons added in Zombies.
  • “Barbarians” Special Event continues on PS4, live today on Xbox One and PC.
  • “Ambush” limited-time mode added as Featured Playlist in Blackout (PS4).
  • New IX Gauntlet in Zombies: “Veni, Vidi, Zombie!” (PS4).
  • Various gameplay improvements and crash fixes across MP, Blackout, and Zombies.


The following updates are live today first on PS4:


Limited-Time Mode


  • Weapons limited to sniper rifles, melee attacks, and launchers only.
  • Circle constantly advances with no delays between collapses.



“Veni, Vidi, Zombie!” (IX)

  • 30 rounds of challenges with unique rules for each round.
  • Players earn medals and tiered rewards for completing rounds 10, 20, and 30, as well as a cosmetic reward for completing round 30 without failing a round.
  • Players are issued a Strike by failing a round, with the game ending after three Strikes.
  • All matches are timed for competitive speed-run support.

PS4 and Xbox One

The following updates are live today on PS4 and Xbox One, with PC to follow this week:


Featured Playlists

  • Blackjack’s Gun Game added as Featured Playlist.
  • Limited-time free-for-all with new rotating weapon selection, including the KAP 45 full-auto pistol.
  • Hardcore Moshpit added to Featured category (first-time addition).
  • Endurance Chaos Moshpit, Mercenary Capture Moshpit, and Safeguard added to Featured category.

Game Modes


  • Ghost Perk now properly works against the mode’s auto-UAV sweep.
  • Players can no longer spend cash on purchasing max ammo when they currently have max ammo.
  • Resolved an issue that could lead to multiple purchases of an item if the player had the Specialist selection menu open during round transition.



Resolved an issue where the Tempest could gain an extra charge if an enemy was killed by a player-owned Seeker or Scorestreak.


Resolved an issue where grenade fuses could expire faster while the Ballistic Shield was in use.


Resolved an issue where the Gravity Slam would not properly trigger if the player landed directly on another player.



Tracker’s detection icon will no longer display after the player switches to a class without Tracker equipped.


Acoustic Sensor

Resolved an issue where Acoustic Sensor could stop working if the player switched their class after spawning.


Crash Landing

Players should now properly gain progress toward this Challenge each time after earning a Gravity Slam Shutdown medal.

Weapon Customization

  • Mastercrafts applied to secondary weapons will now update in real time.
  • Resolved an issue where a Gold Camo weapon could display a higher visual state when switched to after a new visual state was reached on a weapon with a Mastercraft applied.
  • Resolved an issue where a dropped Diamond Camo weapon could display a higher visual state when picked up by another player.
  • Resolved an issue where a teammate’s Gold Camo weapon would have a purple visual state in third-person when killed by an enemy with a Gold Camo weapon.

Custom Games

  • Sweeping and Constant Mini Map custom rules settings now function as intended.
  • Team Deathmatch Round Score Limits greater than 500 are now available.


  • Grenade Equipment charge will no longer be lost if the player dies during the throwing animation.
  • Players can no longer gain XP for killing teammates in Hardcore Search & Destroy and Hardcore Control.
  • Closed an exploit that could briefly speed up a player’s movement when rapidly ADSing in and out.
  • Removed custom reticles on ABR 223 and Paladin HB50 Mastercraft default optics, due to feedback on the reticles adversely affecting aiming during gameplay.


Gameplay Tuning


  • Level 1 Armor damage protection reduced from 30% to 15%.
  • Level 2 Armor damage protection reduced from 40% to 25%.
  • Level 3 Armor damage protection reduced from 50% to 35%.
  • Removed explosive damage resistance from Level 3 Armor.
  • Removed melee weapon damage reduction from Level 3 Armor.
  • Increased Armor Plates required to repair a single durability pip of Level 3 Armor from 1 to 2.

Concussion Grenade

  • Reduced status effect duration.
  • Reduced area of effect radius.
  • Reduced throw distance.
  • Reduced opacity of the white flash when initially concussed.
  • When concussed, players can now use Equipment, continue holding Equipment, perform melee attacks, and switch weapons.
  • Reduced hip-fire spread while concussed.

Cluster Grenade

  • Increased time to detonate after impact.
  • Reduced damage of mini-Cluster Grenade explosions.


Players can now aim down sights immediately after interacting with a door.


  • “Longest Shot” on the Scoreboard now properly matches the After Action Report.
  • Zombies Ultimis character voiceovers now play as intended.

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