Code Vein – Best Farming Locations For Queen Steel, Iron, Titanium and Tungsten

Check out some good places to farm upgrade materials for your gear and weapons.

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Code Vein

Code Vein has its share of materials necessary for upgrading weapons, reinforcing them to their strongest possible tier. These are Queen Steel, Queen Iron, Queen Titanium and Queen Tungsten. While there are several locations to find these materials as you progress, you’ll also want to farm them off enemies as much as possible.

For Queen Iron, head into the Natural Cavern. Take a right from the Mistle and go down the slope – keep going until you find two large foes. Kill them for fairly high chances to receive Queen Iron. Though you’ll likely receive enough Queen Iron as you play through the game, this is a pretty good spot for early materials.

Queen Steel can be farmed in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Head to the Gated Room Mistle and look for a long strait with two knights patrolling. They have a chance to drop Queen Steel so kill them quickly, return to the Mistle and repeat.

Queen Titanium can be found from the Crown of Sand Entrance. Teleport to the Mistle and go down to the right. While exiting the slope, take another right – you’ll find three bug-like foes in the little sections on the side. They have a chance to drop Queen Titanium upon death so keep farming them.

The Provisional Government Centre is the place for the Queen Tungsten. Head to the entrance and take the path on the right until you reach an area with a knight tangled in the ceiling. That knight will ambush you so just move a little bit ahead and then walk back to fight him. It has a chance of dropping Queen Tungsten when you kill it so try farming a few times. Check out the guide below for where exactly to go.

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