Crytek: Xbox One X Comparable To Standard Gaming PC GPU, CPU Performance Roughly 1/3rd of Ryzen

The ability to trade out and customize hardware will always see PCs outshining consoles, says Crytek’s Collin Bishop.

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Xbox One X

It’s been said many, many times already but the Xbox One X is a little lacking. Yes, it’s the most powerful consoles ever made (for now) and is probably the best possible machine for playing games in 4K (native or otherwise). Microsoft also did good by developers with the removal of eSRAM, which bogged down the base Xbox One tremendously since its introduction.

However, there are still some shortcomings with regards to the CPU especially when compared to gaming PCs. GamingBolt spoke to Crytek product manager Collin Bishop about the console and first inquired over whether it was powerful enough to render triple A, graphically demanding titles in native 4K. Could it be done without dynamic scaling or checkerboarding?

Bishop noted that, “Shortcuts are a way of life, but if we look at the strategy behind the Xbox, we can see a console that was engineered to tackle specifically 4K gaming. Most games will squeeze every last bit of performance out of the hardware, so I expect trade-offs between optimization and the hardware. Fortunately, the engineers also allowed the developers to access the scaling and checkerboarding rendering to future-proof the console even further.”

Which sounds all well and good but how does it directly compare to a high end modern gaming PC? In his opinion, Bishop said that, “The Xbox One X is very comparable to the standard gaming PC on the GPU end. It will be on the CPU end that you will find the PC to still be outshining the console. This will always be the scenario given you can trade out and customize the hardware.

“We can look at the AMD Jaguar CPU and how this lines up to the Ryzen line; however, at first glance, we see that the performance is roughly one-third or one-half.”

So much as Microsoft wants to tout this as the most powerful console ever, a true leap forward in terms of CPU performance may very well come from the next Xbox. What are your thoughts on the Xbox One X’s performance? Let us know below.

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