Cyberpunk 2077 – 15 Must-Have Weapons, Armor and Cyberware

Wreck havoc in Night City with these items.

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There are several different weapons, Cyberware, armor and mods to collect in Cyberpunk 2077, and it can get a bit overwhelming. But you’ll eventually find the cream of the crop and decimate foes with ease. Here are 15 of the best weapons, armor and Cyberware available in the game.

Malorian Arms 3516

Who wouldn’t want to own Johnny Silverhand’s signature weapon? Obtained from the side job “Chippin’ In”, this powerful handcannon offers 238.5 DPS with a headshot damage multiplier of 1.20. It also offers decent thermal damage, which is great for burning through flesh, and four mod slots. But perhaps the best part is the reload animation. If nothing else, it’s worth it just for that.


Panam’s signature sniper rifle, Overwatch, is an absolute beast. On top of 741 to 906 Physical Damage, it also has nearly 41 percent crit chance, about 108 percent crit damage and a 2.10 headshot damage multiplier. It also has a custom silencer, so building for additional damage from stealth means it will be even more devastating. Even without its four mod slots, this is simply the best sniper rifle in the game.

Widow Maker

Cyberpunk 2077_15

Whether it’s a reference to Blizzard’s popular Overwatch sniper or not, the Widow Maker is an excellent gun. As a Tech weapon, it deals 381.1 DPS and fires two projectiles with each shot. Along with Chemical Damage, it has a 33 percent chance to apply poison to foes and a 1.50 headshot damage multiplier. Couple this with the Engineering Perk that makes it easier to penetrate walls and your foes will have nowhere to hide.


Cyberpunk 2077 - Skippy

Don’t let the snarky AI dissuade you from trying out Skippy. It’s a Smart Weapon that doesn’t require Smart Link Cyberware to lock on to foes, deals 181.9 DPS and has two mod slots. Best of all, it scales to your level so it remains viable throughout the entire game. You’ll need to perform some trickery to have Skippy in the firing mode of choice but it’s well worth it.

Corporate Blazer with Bullet-Proof Lining

Want some Legendary armor without much effort? The Corporate Blazer With Bulletproof Lining is the ticket. It has about 58.5 armor and increases evasion by 0.2. However, it’s most defining feature is the 5 percent reduced stamina consumption when blocking melee attacks. Without mod slots, it’s not the most ideal long-term option but still good in the early-going.

Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks

Cyberpunk 2077 - Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks

Whether you found the Blazer and want to complete the set or desire some more free Legendary armor, the Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks are worth noting. In addition to 43 armor, there are perks like 5 percent reduced fall damage and 5 percent reduced Stamina cost with melee attacks. Again, nothing that will carry you to endgame but still good early on.

Samurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt

Cyberpunk 2077 - Samurai 2020 Tour

You’ll need to complete some side jobs and have enough cash to purchase it but the Samurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt is still a good addition to one’s armory. Along with 92.9 base armor, it has four clothing mod slots. This lets you bump the defense up even more. Plus it’s a shirt for Johnny’s band, so you might as well get it.


On top of offering huge DPS, Jinchu-Maru gains a whopping 100 percent crit chance with the Kerenzikov Cyberware activate. Even if you don’t have the latter, it still deals double damage with each last hit in a combo and double damage against enemies that have twice your current health. This is just an overall great melee weapon for anyone to use.

Kerenzikov (Cyberware)

cyberpunk 2077

While it’s not bullet-time on demand, the Kerenzikov is still very good for slowing down time and positioning one’s aim. On top of allowing you to aim and shoot while dodging, it will slow down time by 50 percent for 1.5 seconds while blocking, aiming or attacking during a dodge or slide. This can go up to 90 percent for 3.5 seconds with the Legendary version. With a cooldown of just 5 seconds, it’s perfect for highly mobile gun builds (though it also pairs well with Jinchu-Maru).

Second Heart (Cyberware)

cyberpunk 2077

Sometimes you need some extra insurance when going absolutely berserk (that too without the Berserk Cyberware). Second Heart provides that – when your health is reduced to zero, it will immediately restore it to 100 percent. The cooldown is two minutes but this Cyberware lets you effectively cheat death.


Another awesome katana, upgrading the Scalpel to Legendary tier can provide over 700 DPS. The main appeal is its increased electrical damage and three melee mod slots. Also, using it with the Dynalar Sandevistan active will increase crit chance by 50 percent and inflict Bleeding with its hits. Just remember to pick it up at the end of the Big in Japan side job.

Dynalar Sandevistan (Cyberware)

Also known as “actual bullet-time”, the Dynalar Sandevistan OS will slow down time for several seconds and has a lengthy cooldown time. While the effect isn’t as potent as the Kerenzikov, you can dish out more damage while it’s active. Hunt down the Legendary Dynalar Sandevistan MK. 4 and you’ll be able to slow time for 16 seconds with a 30 second cooldown, along with increasing damage dealt and crit chance by 15 percent while it’s active. Pair this with the Scalpel for some true mayhem.

Monowire (Cyberware)

Cyberpunk 2077

The fact that you can find a Legendary version of the Monowire by simply exploring Night City is crazy. But not as crazy as the Cyberware itself whose damage ranges from 276 to 337 with 20 percent bleeding chance. Best of all, when it’s equipped but not being used, it starts charging. Any attack unleashed after it’s charged will deal bonus damage, though this starts decreasing with each subsequent attack. Of course, it also has the chance to dismember and looks darn cool.

Projectile Launch System (Cyberware)

Sometimes you just want to blow things up or eliminate anything opposing you in one fell swoop. The Project Launch System Cyberware does just that, turning V’s hand into an explosive launcher. It deals area of effect damage and shots can be charged for even more damage and blast radius. Sure, it has a high cost and Street Cred requirement, not to mention needing Smart Link Cyberware, but it’s a missile launcher in your hand. What more do you want?

Rin3U Battery (Cyberware Mod)

Cyberpunk 2077_04

If you prefer pummeling foes with Gorilla Arms, the Rin3U Battery is recommended. This mod restores your stamina upon killing a foe with the arms, making it all the more potent for melee builds. Pair it with a Legendary version of the Gorilla Arms for even better results.

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