Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – How to Unlock Every Ending

Check out our spoiler-free tips on getting each ending.

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There are multiple endings for Cyberpunk 2077, each offering their own take on V’s fate. We won’t spoil the outcome of each but it’s worth noting their different requirements. If you meet the requirements for each ending, it’s possible to go back to before the final mission “Nocturne OP55N1” and choose a different one for the sake of completion.

The first ending is the most “canon” of the bunch. Essentially, you side with Hanako and then assault Arasaka Tower. In the end, you can choose between Arasaka’s offer or to return and live out the rest of V’s days.

The second ending is available if you’ve completed Panam’s side job “Queen of the Highway.” Select Panam in the final mission when the choice comes up and she’ll assault Arasaka with you. Near the end, you can enter the Well and have two more choices, each offering a different alternate ending.

The third ending has Rogue accompanying you to Arasaka Tower and only becomes available upon completing the side job “Blistering Love.” Once again, at the end of the mission, you’ll have two choices. The outcome for one is slightly different compared that from choosing Panam.

Finally, there’s the “secret” ending which is more like an alternative way to assault the tower. In the final mission, when asked who to rely on, don’t select anyone. If your friendship with Johnny is at least 70 percent, then after a few minutes pass, you’ll get the option to attack Arasaka alone. The key difference between this and the other routes is that the game ends when you die. No checkpoints, unless you count having to go back to before the main mission.

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