Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – How to Upgrade Cyberware and All Ripperdoc Locations

Here’s how to become a cybernetic menace in Night City.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Ripperdocs in Cyberpunk 2077 will be your gateway to some of the coolest stuff, namely Cyberware. But how does the whole thing work? You’ll notice that V’s body is divided into different parts that can be augmented with Cyberware. These are the Operating System, Ocular Implant, Frontal Cortex, Immune System, Skeleton, Integumentary System, Nervous System, Hands, Arms, Legs and Circulatory System.

The Operating System is perhaps the core since it allows for applying different hacks, like Ping to reveal enemies’ whereabouts, disabling weapons and much more. You have a Base RAM size that determines which hacks can be executed and a Buffer Size which is useful for the hacking mini-games.

As for the other parts, they each suit different purposes and can be equipped with Cyberware to augment them. For example, the Frontal Cortex determines critical hit chance and critical hit damage while Circulatory System can equip different passive abilities (like Second Heart which can restore you to 100 percent health on death). The Nervous System allows for equipping Cyberware that affects evasion, either providing a flat boost to the same or slowing down time when you’re detected via Reflex Tuner.

The Integumentary System and Skeleton are more straightforward – these are used for upgrading one’s armor and carrying capacity respectively (though the latter can also be used to increase health and stamina). The Hands can be equipped with Cyberware like Smart Link, which utilizes the targeting on Smart weapons for increased hit chance and critical damage. The Arms are used for equipping a variety of weapons like the Projectile Launch System for launching explosives from your hand, Gorilla Arms for tearing doors open and beating foes up, and Mantis Blades to slice and pounce on enemies. As for the Legs, they affect movement and can be used to equip abilities like Double Jump or Power Jump.

How to Get the Best Cyberware

Cyberware must be purchased from the different Ripperdocs but you could also find some of them – like the Monowire – in the open world for free. You’ll need to make sure your attributes meet the requirements as well. Some Cyberware simply can’t be equipped without the right amount of a certain attribute. For more details on the best Cyberware in the game and how to find them, check out Tagback TV’s video below. You can also check out Gooshy Gaming’s video for all of the Ripperdoc locations and what they have in their inventory.

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