Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – How to Use Monowire and Gorilla Arms

Slice foes apart with ease or beat them down with these Cyberware.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Though you can find a Legendary version of the Monowire by exploring Night City, it’s also available from various Ripperdocs for 20 Street Cred. It functions like a whip and is best used in melee range. But its most defining feature is that it charges and gains bonus damage when not in use. Upon whipping it out, you’ll deal additional damage and even have the chance to dismember an opponent. The charge level and bonus damage go down with each subsequent attack.

There are several ways to incorporate the Monowire into one’s build. You could go with a hybrid of melee and close-range weapons like the shotgun, switching to the Monowire for burst damage. Alternatively, it can work with a stealth build, quickly killing foes without them being aware.

How to Use Gorilla Arms

Another piece of melee-focused Cyberware, the Gorilla Arms are almost the inverse of the Monowire. Instead of building charge when not equipped, they gain charge with each successive attack. Your next strong attack will then deal bonus damage based on the amount of charge. Gorilla Arms also have the advantage of letting you open locked doors by force so they’re good for more than just melee combat. Get the Rin3U Battery to restore stamina after killing each foe and the Kerenzikov to slow down time briefly while blocking and then dodging. Then go wild on your foes.

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