Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 1.5 is Out Now, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 Support is Live

Appearance customization, new weapons and attachments, apartment renting, AI improvements and much more also added.

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CD Projekt RED’s massive new update for Cyberpunk 2077 is now live, bringing support for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 along with a bevy of new features and changes. You can check out gameplay for the current-gen consoles here or watch the new launch trailer below.

Patch notes for update 1.5 are also live and fairly extensive. There are two modes for Xbox Series X and PS5 – Performance and Ray Tracing – with the former adding 60 FPS support with dynamic 4K resolution scaling. Ray Tracing Mode allows for playing at 30 FPS with dynamic 4K scaling with “photorealistic shadow and reflection rendering.” The Xbox Series S runs the game at 1440p dynamic resolution and 30 FPS.

Additional content available for players on all platforms include renting multiple apartments (which share your stash) and customizing V’s beginning apartment. You can also customize hair, makeup and piercing at safehouses and apartments. Two new weapons, four new weapon scopes and multiple new attachments have also been added.

Check out some of the patch notes below. It’s worth noting that Cyberpunk 2077 has a free trial on the Xbox Store so keep an eye out on PlayStation for the same.

Patch 1.5 & Next-Generation Update — list of changes


  • Added ray-traced local light shadows.
  • Implemented native achievement support on next-gen consoles. Note that as the next-gen version has a different SKU, PlayStation trophies obtained in backward compatibility will not be transferred. Xbox achievements will automatically appear on the new version using the Smart Delivery feature.
    Introduced two graphics modes on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X:
  • Performance Mode – Ensures smooth gameplay at 60fps with dynamic 4K scaling.
  • Ray Tracing Mode – Provides photorealistic shadow and reflection rendering as well as gameplay at 30fps with dynamic 4K scaling.
  • The Xbox Series S version has no graphics mode selection and is by default presented at 30 FPS in 1440p with dynamic resolution scaling.
  • Added performance improvements which significantly decrease the number of FPS drops and improve rendering quality.
  • Balanced HDR to achieve parity across all platforms.
  • Various visual quality improvements.
  • Added Activity Cards for PS5.
  • Added Spanish voiceover support in the Americas (PlayStation codes: CUSA-16596 and CUSA-16597). Due to technical constraints, it is available only on next-gen consoles. For further details on language support see: Xbox, PlayStation.
  • Implemented support for spatial audio on PlayStation 5 for 3D-audio-enabled headphones and built-in TV speakers via PS5 ‘s Tempest 3D AudioTech solution.


  • This additional content is available for players on all platforms.


  • Apartments can be rented (with a one-time fee) when encountered in Night City or through the EZEstates website when accessed through the computer in V’s Megabuilding H10 apartment. They become available after completing the Playing for Time quest. It’s possible to rent all apartments at the same time. All apartments share the same stash.

Available apartments:

  • Northside, Watson (€$5,000)
  • Japantown, Westbrook (€$15,000)
  • The Glen, Heywood (€$40,000)
  • Corpo Plaza, City Center (€$55,000)

Additionally, you can now customize V’s starting apartment in Megabuilding H10 using the EZEstates website for €$10,000.

Appearance Customization

  • You can now tweak certain features of your appearance (such as hair, makeup, piercing, etc.) when using the mirror in any of your apartments and safehouses. It’s free and you can do it as often as you like. Character customization also includes more makeup and hair color options. Who’s the fairest of them all, now?

What’s New at Wilson’s?

  • You can check out new items in Wilson’s 2nd Amendment store in Megabuilding H10 or look for them while exploring Night City.
  • 2 new weapons: Darra Polytechnic Umbra (Power Assault Rifle), Budget Arms Guillotine (Power Submachine Gun)
  • 4 new weapon scopes: Kang Tao Jue long scope, Tsunami Gaki sniper scope, Arasaka Kanetsugu short scope, Handyman short scope
  • New type of weapon attachments – muzzle brakes: 10 new muzzle brakes: 5 for handguns (RC-7 Ifrit, RC-7 Liger, RC-7 Dybbuk, RC-7 Kutrub, RC-7 Babaroga); 5 for assault rifles & submachine guns (RC-7 Aswang, RC-7 Varkolak, RC-7 Zaar, RC-7 Yokai, RC-7 Strigoi).

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