Days Gone Guide – All Horde Locations And The Best Ways To Defeat Them

Hordes run rampant in the world of Days Gone. Here’s where to find and eliminate them.

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There a number of different enemies to deal with in SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone. While taking down the odd Freaker or human can be easy with stealth, your biggest threat – literally and figuratively – are the Hordes. These are masses of Freakers that can quickly overwhelm and kill you without warning. Wiping out Hordes is a pretty good way to gain trust in a region along with experience point. Take down all of them and Deacon gets a sweet St. John Horde Killer Custom skin for his bike.

How do you best deal with Hordes? First off, weapons like rifles and sub-machine guns (Chicago Chopper from the Merchant in the fifth camp in Wizard Island is our recommended weapon) most recommended. You won’t have time for accuracy when firing into a Horde so the more fire rate and bullets, the better.

If you run out of ammunition, try leaving area and restocking. You can continue the battle without much consequence. If you can’t escape, using items like Napalm and Molotovs is a must. They need to be crafted though so come prepared. It’s also not a bad idea to toss a Napalm into a Horde to start the battle.

Take note of each location along with the various traps and vantage points located within. Use items like the Alarm Clock to bait the Horde into these traps. If there are any explosive items, try placing Remote Bombs on them. The resulting explosion can do significant damage. Also remember to keep some Stamina Cocktails since there’s going to be a lot of running and dodging involved. You don’t want to suddenly run out of stamina at the worst time.

Finally, there are numerous Hordes that are asleep in the daytime, making that the best time to hunt them. Once the Horde is cleared out, pick up any bounties that may have dropped and be on your way. Here are the locations for all Hordes in the game, not including the three cleared as part of the campaign.

Cascade Horde Locations

Horse Lake

At the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, keep an eye on the road that goes Northeast. Check on the left side of this road and there should be a cave containing the Horde. Branches and blood can be seen at the entrance.

Death Train

South of the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is a train with a Horde. They venture to the dig site nearby at night so be careful.

White King Mine

In the Northwest corner of the Cascade is a wooden bridge. Traverse that and you’ll find a mine.

O’Leary Mountain

Remember the safe-house where you dropped off Boozer? Just North of that is a Horde. What a coincidence!

Little Bear Lake

There’s a slope near the Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint. Keep following it to find the Horde in a cave.

Grotto Caves

A car park can be seen West of the Old Pioneer Cemetery’s Nero Checkpoint. Locate a slope on the other side of the hill and follow it to eventually find the cave’s entrance.

Cascade Highway

Go North of the Horse Creek Ambush Camp until you eventually pass under a railway bridge. This Horde can be found in one of three places. Keep an eye out under the railway bridge and at the river slightly to the North. You can also find them near the edge of the water.

Proxy Falls

Just South of the Horse Creek Ambush Camp is a stone bridge. Keep going South until you find a cave with blood and branches at the opening.

Belknap Horde Locations

Patjens Lake

Drive Northwest of the Hot Springs Camp and through the town. Eventually you’ll reach some marble gates – look opposite to them and you’ll see a large cave entrance where the Horde awaits.

Bear Creek Hot Springs

Head West of the Bear Creek Ambush Camp until you find a river and numerous caves. Look for a large waterfall – the Horde is inside the cave near it.

Shadow Lake

At the top of the region is a lake, North of the Marion Forks Nero Checkpoint. Head to the Northern-most part to find the Horde.

Lava Arch

Travel to the mountain at the center of the region. Look for an arch formation on the Eastern part. You’ll find a cave beyond the arch and a pathway that’s been roped off. This pathway leads to the Horde.

Marion Forks

Head South of the town’s gas station and look for a cave to the East of the road.

Belknap Crater

Located Southeast of the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp. You can also keep heading South from the Marion Forks Horde to find it.

Twin Craters

Travel to the Southeast part of the region and follow the main path to the South. Keep going until you hit the outskirts and you’ll find a cave with the Horde.

Lost Lake Horde Locations

Sherman’s Camp

West of Iron Mike’s Camp is Sherman’s Camp. If you didn’t clear the Infestation Zone in the main campaign, then you’ll need to kill the Freakers in the town’s center. In the Eastern part of the town is the Horde.

Berley Lake

First, travel to the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint and then head Northeast. Eventually you’ll find a cave that leads to the Horde.

Metolius Lava Cave

North of Iron Mike’s Camp is a forest between Lost Lake and the Cascade Wilderness. The Metolius Caves will be located on an outcrop.

River Flow Farms

Head North of Iron Mike’s Camp – the Horde can be located either by the train tracks near the houses or near the barn.


Travel West of Iron Mike’s Camp until you come across three houses with different colored roof-tops. The Horde is located near here in the daytime.

Wapinitia Road

Go North from the Berley Lake Ambush Camp until you see the main road. While traveling down the hill, a cave entrance can be spotted nearby. Head inside, drop down and prepare to face the Horde.

Crater Lake Horde Locations

Mt. Bailey

In the Northwest part of the map, head West from the Diamond Lake Camp. In the daytime, the Horde will be located in a cave near the region’s border.

Mcleod Ridge

Travel Northeast of the Diamond Lake Camp into the snowy region – the cave entrance should benear the base of the mountains.

Rimview Ranch

Go to the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint and take the track South till a cave appears. The Horde may also appear near the checkpoint’s water body so keep an eye out.

Highway 97 Horde Locations

Solomon Hill

Head North from the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp, past the main road and the tunnel that leads to Crater Lake. To the left of the nearby train tracks is a cave entrance where the Horde is located.

Beaver Marsh Rest Stop

Go Northeast from the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint into the mountains. Keep traveling through the winding path until you reach the Horde.

Mt. Scott Ski Resort

Head Northeast to the snow-covered region. Look for a river and keep going North with it. A cave can be found at the Northern-most part which contains the Horde.

Sagebrush Point

Look for the Mt. Scott Ski Resort and find the bridge near it. From the bridge, head East – eventually, you’ll come across a cave with a Horde inside.

Beasley Lake

Travel East of the Sagebrush Point Horde to find a pond. The Horde is located here. Alternatively, you can head to Chemult Town, travel to its gas station and then go Northeast.

Chemult Station

Travel South of Chemult and pass the bus station until some empty train cars appear. You’ll find the Horde inside one of them.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line

Go across the river, North of Chemult Town, on the sandy path. Eventually you’ll meet the Horde.

Chemult Community College

Located near an Infestation Zone and with a Nero Checkpoint to the North, Chemult Community College is essentially a large field with tents housing the Horde.

Groose Gardens

Go West from the Chemult Community College Nero Checkpoint. Eventually, you’ll find a bridge with cars and trucks blocking it. Locate some train tracks beneath and drop down. Look around for a house with the Horde inside.

Rum Rye Gulch

From the Chemult Community College Nero Checkpoint, travel Southwest. While traveling on the track, you’ll find a number of caves behind the trees. Look for the Horde in one of these.

Juniper Ridge

If you head West of the Rum Rye Gulch on the same path, you’ll eventually find another Horde at the hilltop. Climb the hill to access the cave.

Friendship Ridge

Either travel South from Chemult Community College or east from the Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint. You’ll eventually find a warehouse with the Horde inside.

Lobert Draw Ridge

At nighttime, you can find the Horde just South of the Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint with some train tracks and cars nearby. In the daytime, you’ll have to go the tunnel on the edge of Highway 97 to hunt them.

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