Days Gone Guide – How To Level Up Quickly, Earn Money Faster And More

Along with how you can find fuel and farm scrap for crafting.

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How To Fast Travel In Days Gone?

Fast traveling in Days Gone works different compared to other open world games. When you begin the game, you will only be able to fast travel to your home base/safehouse. As you start playing more and more of the game, you will unlock some fast travel points automatically. Often some locations require a side mission to be completed before the associated fast travel option gets unlocked. These side missions can be in the form of NERO checkpoints which requires stash to be procured.

Furthermore, some fast travel locations may be locked behind infestation zones. Clear them out so that the fast travel location can be unlocked. Note that the Fast Travel option is simply a time saving option. It’s not an alternative to your bike. Whenever you intend to fast travel to a spot, the game will show you the amount of fuel required. If you don’t have the required fuel you simply won’t be able to fast travel.

How To Get Fuel In Days Gone?

Fuel is one of the most important gameplay elements without which your bike simply won’t work. The fastest way to get fuel is to buy them at camps but you can find it for free just by exploring the open world. The game has fuel stations littered around the world which you can find by exploring. Once you find one, ensure there are no freakers around. Alternatively, you can also find Fuel Canisters which are scattered around the world but they are mostly found in areas where there are vehicles.

How To Get More Scarp?

Scarp is the most commonly used crafting material in the game. It’s easily available too. Simply loot cars and you will be awarded with scrap. Not all cars can be looted though but a good amount of them can be. You can carry 10 scrap at a time but this can be increased by procuring the Skill “Carry That Weight”.

How To Earn Money and Level Up Quickly?

Money or credits is an integral part of the gameplay in Days Gone. Each camp has its own credit limit which is 10,000. This means if you have credits for another camp, you can’t use it for another. The quickest ways to earn money/credits and leveling up quickly are:

  • Tackle the main missions
  • Increase your trust level to 3. This can be done by completing optional camp missions.
  • Attack enemy outposts (Ambush camps).
  • Clear out Infestation Zones
  • Farm freaker parts and sell them at camps.
  • Hunt wild life and sell them at camps.
  • Take on freaker hordes as this will give you to chance farm hundreds of freaker parts.
  • Stealth kills nets you extra XP
  • Headshots will net you 1.5 XP

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