Dead Cells “Whack-a-Mole” Update is Now Live, Adds New Weapons and Mutations

Malaise and BC difficulty has also been tuned.

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The “Whack-a-Mole” update, which is been in beta testing, is available now for Dead Cells. Following the changes to Malaise in recent months, the update looks to tune the difficulty further while also adjusting the curve between different Boss Cells. New content includes three new Survival weapons and three Mutations.

There’s the Oven Axe whose final hit can be chained continuously; the Toothpick, a massive club that breaks over an enemy’s head if using a charged attack; the Tombstone which dooms nearby foes upon slaying an enemy with the final hit of its combo. New Mutations include No Mercy, which instantly kills foes under 15 percent health (7.5 health for bosses) and Point Blank for X percent of bonus damage on close range attacks. There’s also Barbed Tips which inflicts X damage per second depending on arrows stuck in a foe.

As for the Malaise changes, the movement speed of foes is no longer increased. Enemies also won’t spawn or convert into Elites for a few seconds after an Elite foe has been aggroed. Malaise also won’t be active in BC4 though enemies will still teleport to your position. For more details, check out the full patch notes here.



  • Legendary items now scale based on the sum of your two highest statistics. Legendary no longer increase the item level. This is very subject to change and hence has no visual indication implemented yet.
  • Tesla Coil blueprint drop rate increased.
  • Items obtained by the Collector (when completing a blueprint) are now Colorless.
  • Malaise no longer increases the movement speed of enemies.
  • Sudden Death prevention invulnerability duration increases from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds.
  • All weapons now have a bit of air control if an ennemy is in the strike zone.
  • Capped the fatal fall’s damages to 15% of your max life.
  • Added bonus scrolls in Fractured Shrines (in BC3+) and Undying Shores (in BC4+) to make them on par with other levels.
  • Turned one double-scroll into a triple-scroll in Fractured Shrines.
  • Improved Soul Shot’s (the off-hand of Ferryman’s Lantern) aim to target multiple enemies if possible.
  • You can now find one outfit and one other item as blueprints in a level.
  • Mobs can no longer spawn or turn into elites do to Malaise in the first few seconds after an Elite mob aggroes you.
  • Fixed Shovel, Flashing Fans and War Spear not working with Porcupack.
  • Prevented elite Demolishers to spawn with the cage elite skill.

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