Death Stranding Guide – Full Resources List For Crafting Grenades, Tools And More

Find out what’s needed to craft ladders, Exo Suits and special grenades.

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As you probably noticed in our guide about structures and where to best place them, crafting and construction are pretty important in Death Stranding. It’s possible to craft new Exo Suits, climbing equipment, construction equipment and much more as you gather more materials in the world. What do you need for crafting certain things though?

Let’s look at tools first, which includes the ever important ladder. You need the following materials:

  • Ladder – Metal (20)
  • Construction Equipment – Resin (32), Metal (40)
  • Construction Equipment (Lvl 2) – Resin (64), Metal (80), Chiral Crystal (30)
  • Rope Pile – Resin (16)
  • Rope Pile (Lvl 2) – Resin (20), Metal (10)

Now let’s take a look at equipment. This includes all the different boots and Exo Suits (known as Skeletons) which you’ll unlock through completing orders.

  • Bridges Boots – Resin (8)
  • Bridges Boots (Lvl 2) – Resin (16), Metal (12)
  • Bridges Boots (Lvl 3) – Resin (32), Metal (24)
  • Power Skeleton (Lvl 1 to 3) – Resin (160), Ceramic (120)
  • Speed Skeleton (Lvl 1 to 3) – Resin (160), Ceramic (120)
  • Pile Skeleton (Lvl 1 to 3) – Resin (140), Ceramic (140)

Next up are items which can range from decoy devices for distracting Mules to repair spray for your containers.

  • Blood Bag – Chiral Crystal (6), Resin (6)
  • Container Repair Spray – Chiral Crystal (16), Resin (8)
  • Smoke-Emitting Decoy Cargo – Special Alloy (10)
  • Vog-Emitting Decoy Cargo – Resin (16), Metal (10)

Finally, there are EX Grenades. Before you unlock Hematic Grenades and Bullets, you’ll have EX Grenades to help ward off B.T.s. These are made from, to put it shortly, urine and feces. Here’s how to craft each grenade:

  • EX 0 Grenade – Created from Sam’s sweat. Once dirty, take a shower. The more dirt and Chiralium washed off, the more grenades created.
  • EX 1 Grenade – Created from Sam’s urine. Drink lots of Monster Energy, whether in the private room or in the open world. Then choose the standing option in the toilet. Again, the more urine produced, the more grenades created.
  • EX 2 Grenade – Created from Sam’s feces. Eat Cryptobiotes, which also serve to replenish your blood, and then use the sitting option in the toilet. The more Cryptobiotes eaten, the more feces produced which means the more grenades created.

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