Destiny 2 – 15 Things Nobody Wants To Admit

Through its ups and downs, Destiny 2 has a number of difficult things that fans need to admit.

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Whether you love Bungie’s Destiny 2 or mildly appreciate it, there’s no denying the game has problems. In fact, some problems are seemingly invisible to the most diehard fans. So let’s take a look at 15 things nobody wants to admit about Destiny 2.

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Raid Difficulty is Pointless Without Great Rewards

Destiny 2 Leviathan

When Spire of Stars, Warmind’s raid lair went live, the difficulty was grueling. While this could be attributed to players not being the right Power level (progression of which was nerfed by Bungie), the raid lair itself has numerous fail states. As such without a regular group, even LFGing the activity can be trying process. Of course, none of this matters because many of the items across the raid and raid lairs are ultimately pointless. The armour is mostly cosmetic and aside from Sins of the Past and Midnight Coup (both obtainable in the base raid), there’s nothing worth the headache.

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