Destiny 2: Forsaken- New Leak Reveals Details On Story, Raids, Strikes, and More

Just days away from the expansion’s launch, a new leak may have revealed a lot of important information.

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Destiny 2’s major expansion pack, Forsaken, which promises to shake things up considerably by introducing a ton of changes and improvements, is roughly two weeks away from launch, but a massive, meaty new leak has been posted by Reddit user Ginsor that reveals major new details about various aspects of the game.

The most interesting info that comes out of the leak is that on strikes. Apparently, as per the leak, Forsaken will feature four new strikes for players to tackle, and these will be called The Hollow Lair, Broodhold, The Corrupted, and Warden of Nothing. Like all Destiny strikes, these can also be played as the considerably more difficulty Nightfalls.

Additionally, the leak also claims that the expansion will also have a new raid called “Last Wish”, which will have both Normal and Prestige modes. This raid will also have a one-time challenge to finish it within 24 hours of its launch, while its boss is called Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return. This does seem to be separate from The Dreaming City, the raid that Bungie have already confirmed for Forsaken.

The leak also details the Gambit system, which will have a ranking system called “Infamy”. The highest Infamy Rank, apparently, will be level 15, and increasing this rank will unlock new gear and ornaments, just like Crucible. Interestingly, though, the leak also mentions that infamy can be reset.

There’s a lot of other information in that leak, such as the fact that the character known as Petra Venj is returning in Forsaken, and that there will be a new dungeon called “The Shattered Throne”, which will house multiple activities, including being an exclusive location for purifying an armor set called “Reverie Dawn”.

There’s also story details in there, and they’re pretty spoiler-y, so I won’t be mentioning them here- but I can tell you they pertain to Uldren’s motivations, why he wants to get into The Dreaming City, how Petra Venj will be involved in the story, and new details on the death of Cayde-6.

I should note, while Ginsor has been pretty credible and reliable with his leaks in the past, this massive, massive leak should be taken withn a grain of salt, and shouldn’t be seen as a confirmation in any way. It’s also worth mentioning that the leak doesn’t mention who its source is. Tell us what you think in your comments below.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches on September 4 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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