Destiny 2 Season of the Forge Will Have Vanguard, Gambit Pinnacle Weapons

Season 5 will finally bring weapons for PvE and Gambit players to grind for.

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If you’ve been on the grind for Redrix’s Claymore and Luna’s Howl (never mind the Not Forgotten) in Destiny 2, you’ve probably grown weary of the Competitive experience. However, if you don’t play PvP at all, then you’ll still have something to grind for. Bungie has announced that Season 5, which starts on November 27th, will introduce Pinnacle weapons for Gambit and Vanguard Strikes.

The Vanguard Pinnacle weapon is called Loaded Question, and it’s a high impact fusion rifle with Arc element. Its unique perk is “Reservoir Burst” which deals additional damage and causes enemies to explode when killed if the battery (aka magazine) is full. The steps for the quest are detailed below, and reward a fully Masterworked Loaded Question:

  • Pick up the quest from Zavala
  • 500 Fusion Rifle kills (in any strike or Nightfall)
  • 1000 Arc kills (in any strike or Nightfall)
  • 40 strike or Nightfall completions

Gambit players get the Breakneck, a precision Kinetic auto rifle with “Onslaught”. This unique perk will increase the weapon’s rate of fire, as the Rampage perk is stacked. Since Gambit is about killing swathes of enemies quickly, this should work nicely. The steps for earning a fully Masterworked Breakneck are:

  • Pick up the quest from the Drifter
  • 500 Auto Rifle kills
  • 100 Auto Rifle multikills
  • 150 challenging enemies defeated
  • 40 Gambit matches completed

Finally, for those destined (get it?) to play PvP forever, there’s The Mountaintop. This lightweight Kinetic grenade launcher, which has “Micro-Missile”, fires in a straight line and has “massively increased projectile speed.” Projectiles will also instantly detonate instead of bouncing around. Check out the quest steps below.

Step 1

Reach Glory rank “Brave” within a season

Step 2

Each objective earns you progress per action in any playlist, and players can earn substantial bonus progress by completing these objectives in the Competitive playlist.

In the Crucible, earn Grenade Launcher final blows:

750 Total Points

  • Non-Competitive Playlists: Kills – 3 Points
  • Competitive Playlist: Kills – 10 points

Rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents:

200 Total Points

  • Non-Competitive Playlists: Double Plays – 2 Points
  • Subsequent Kills after Double Plays – 1 Point
  • Competitive Playlist: Double Plays – 5 Points
  • Subsequent Kills after Double Plays – 2 Points

Earn Calculated Trajectory medals:

100 Total Points

  • Non-Competitive Playlists: Medal Earned – 1 Points
  • Competitive Playlist: Medal Earned – 4 Points

Step 3

Reach Glory rank “Fabled” within a season: After you reach Fabled, you can come down from the mountaintop and return to Lord Shaxx to receive the Mountaintop.

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