Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Guide – How to Unlock EDZ Seraph Bunker and Earn Encrypted Warmind Bits

Rasputin is the focus of this new season – here’s how to start raising the defenses.

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Destiny 2 - Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy marks a new journey to stop the Red Legion’s Almighty from crashing into Earth. In order to start the quest “Raising Our Defenses”, you need to speak to Zavala in the Tower. Next, head to Mars to speak to Ana Bray about Rasputin.

Ana will assign you to collect 20 Orbs of Light and generate eight Orbs of Light, which is a fairly easy task. Next, speak to Rasputin – you’ll go to the next step “Into the Mindlab”. Simply proceed to the different designated markers in this mission and kill any Cabal that try and stop you. By the end, Rasputin will give you the new seasonal Artifact, Warmind Khanjali.

Now it’s off to the European Dead Zone to find the first Seraph Bunker. Follow the objective marker and interact with it. Your next task is to activate a Seraph Tower, which is the new Public Event. Head to the Winding Cove to start it up.

The event involves keeping enemies off of the plates in the area. Eventually, different charges will disperse – these must be thrown at the giant orange ball. Fallen Champions will spawn during this event so make sure to carry some accompanying mods. Riskrunner is also very good for taking out enemies quickly. Remember that the more enemies standing on the plates, the less charges will be generated.

After finishing the Public Event, you’ll be tasked to clear out the Seraph Bunker, aka completing a Legendary Lost Sector. After speaking to Rasputin, start the mission “Boot Sector”. Kill every enemy before you and then take out the boss. Eventually you’ll reach Ana Bray and Zavala. Your next task is to upgrade the Seraph Bunker with Warmind Bits. Pick up some Warmind Bounties and head to the Seraph Tower to do so.

Once you’ve got enough Warmind Bits, you can purchase a rank 1 upgrade. The “Raising Our Defenses” mission will finish but you can continue to purchase upgrades for the bunker. Make sure to purchase those that reduce the overall cost of upgrades as they’ll be indispensable in the long run.

How to Earn Encrypted Warmind Bits

Along with Warmind Bits, you’ll spot “Encrypted Warmind Bits” which are necessary for opening chests after the Seraph Tower events. Said chests can also be found in Legendary Lost Sectors. How do you earn Encrypted Warmind Bits?

First, you need to unlock the daily Warmind Bounties from the Seraph Bunker in the EDZ. Some bounties will provide Warmind Bits but if you’re focused only on Encrypted Warmind Bits, simply pay to generate random bounties for the same. Now go forth and complete either Legendary Lost Sectors or Seraph Tower events for the bounties and bask in the Encrypted Warmind Bits.

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