Destiny 2 Update 2.1.4 is Live – Gunslinger Buffs, Nova Warp Nerfs, and Exotic Tuning

Bungie’s latest patch makes a number of changes to the sandbox.

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Update 2.1.4 is now live for Bungie’s Destiny 2, bringing a number of different changes to existing Supers, weapon archetypes, and Crucible. The most important thing to take away is that Gunslingers have been buffed quite heavily. Blade Barrage and Nova Warp have also received some nerfs, the latter being more heavily affected than the former.

Golden Gun for Gunslingers is a lot more potent against bosses now – it does 40 percent increased damage, which also applies to Celestial Nighthawk. The base damage of Six-Shooter has been increased as well, with kills now returning bullets to the magazine and making the Super a lot more viable for add clearing. As for Blade Barrage, its impact damage has been reduced from 150 to 35, but the explosion damage is increased from 150 to 250.

Not too shabby compared to Nova Warp, which has slower movement while charging, and higher initial charge cost. The drain cost of holding a burst has also been increased, duration has been reduced by a whopping 6.8 seconds, and damage against Guardians has been decreased by 27 percent. RIP Nova Warp, we suppose.

There are tons of other changes, like buffs to auto rifles and scout rifles, Telesto and Wavesplitter being nerfed, and much more. Check out some of the patch notes below, with the full patch notes here.


Super Tuning

Hunter: Gunslinger

Golden Gun Super

  • Increased damage to bosses by 40%
  • Includes Six-Shooter and Celestial Nighthawk

Golden Gun Six-Shooter

  • Base damage increased from 275 to 300 per shot
  • Kills now return a bullet to the Golden Gun’s magazine

“Line ‘Em Up” Perk

Doubled precision damage bonus per stack of the buff

“Practice Makes Perfect” Perk

  • Stack limit increased from 3 to 5
  • Super regen modifier increased by 20%

Blade Barrage Super

  • Impact damage decreased from 150 to 35
  • Explosion damage increased from 150 to 250
  • Now deals self-damage

Our goal for AoE supers of this type is that they incur self-damage when activated too close to a target. We consider Blade Barrage not causing self-damage a bug, which we are now addressing.

In other words, Hunters will know how Warlocks feel when they throw a Nova Bomb into a wall.

  • Fixed an issue in which Blade Barrage projectiles could track allies

Hunter: Nightstalker

Moebius Quiver

  • Tethered targets now have the full damage increase, rather than needing to be tethered by multiple Shadowshots
  • Additionally, the Shadowshot damage bonus to tethered targets was increased
  • Increased Moebius Quiver tether radius by 20%
  • Increased Moebius Quiver tether lifetime
  • Made it easier to fire successive Shadowshots

Developer Commentary: This is step one for Shadowshot, and we intend to keep improving the way it works. For this pass, we focused on Moebius Quiver quality of life. We plan to continue to make it more effective and globally relevant in the future.

Spectral Blades Super

  • Bonus damage resistance while in stealth decreased from 15% to 5%
  • While in Spectral Blades AND in stealth total damage resistance is 62%
  • Total Super duration while invisible decreased by 3.67 sec

Hunter: Arcstrider

Arc Staff Super

  • Heavy ranged and slam attack damage increased from 220 to 300
  • Heavy palm blast attack damage increased from 400 to 700

“Lethal Current” Perk

Bonus hit damage has been increased from 100 to 130

Raiden Flux (Exotic Armor)

  • Damage bonus decreased from 20% to 13.5%

This change keeps the bonus damage granted by this Exotic about the same. Because this is calculated on a scaler instead of a flat number, any big changes in base damage have a large effect on the Exotic.

Titan: Sunbreaker


Damage increased from 25 to 50 per tick

“Sun Warrior” Perk

  • Buff now increases ALL damage output from the Sunbreaker by 20% in PvP; 25% in PvE
  • Buff duration has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds

Burning Maul Super

  • Spin melee attack damage increased from 65 to 80 per hit
  • Slam detonation radius increased from 5 to 6 meters
  • Improved Slam attack projectile tracking

Titan: Sentinel

Sentinel Shield Super

  • Final melee combo hit damage increased from 300 to 390
  • Damage to PvE combatants increased by 17%

Titan: Striker

Fist of Havoc Super

  • Heavy slam attack (R2/RT) base damage decreased from 325 to 275
  • Damage to base, elite, and miniboss combatants increased by 7%
  • Damage to bosses increased by 23%
  • Damage to vehicles increased by 60%

“Terminal Velocity” Perk

  • Changed the way that bonus damage from this perk is granted
  • Added a third threshold tier based on how long you are in the air before impact
  • Arc damage hits per tier increased from 3 to 4. Tier 1 = 4 hits. Tier 2 = 8 hits. Tier 3 = 12 hits
  • Increased damage per Arc hit from 100 to 112

Code of the Juggernaut

Fist of Havoc shoulder charge energy cost reduced by 83%

“Trample” Perk

Can now trigger the energy return every 0.5 sec, up from 1 sec

Warlock: Voidwalker

Cataclysm Nova Bomb

  • Initial detonation damage increased from 900 to 1500
  • Detonation radius increased from 8 to 10 meters
  • Seeker projectile detonation damage increased from 205 to 300
  • Improved seeker projectile turning radius and homing to make it more consistent to use against bosses/single targets
  • Fixed an issue where seeker projectiles could be prematurely detonated

Vortex Nova Bomb

  • Initial detonation damage increased from 900 to 1200
  • Linger volume damage increased from 10 to 23 per tick

Nova Warp Super

  • Slightly slowed movement while charging
  • Charging costs more energy
  • Initial charge cost (each time you trigger your super) increased by 60%
  • Sustained drain cost (holding) increased by 60%
  • Duration decreased by 6.8 seconds
  • Decreased Super damage resistance from 56% to 54%
  • Damage against Guardians decreased by 27%

Warlock: Dawnblade

Daybreak Super

  • Increased damage against minor, major, and miniboss combatants by 43%
  • Increased duration by 3 seconds

Warlock: Stormcaller

Stormtrance Super

Increased chain lightning maximum target count by 1.

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