Destiny 2 Update 2.2.1 is Live, Subclass Buffs and Cosmetic Drop Rates Revealed

Mayhem Crucible also returns along with the quest to unlock Thunderlord.

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Bungie’s latest update for Destiny 2 is now live, bringing a new-ish kind of event in Arc Week. The event will offer Arc Singe, increasing the amount of Arc damage dealt, and Arc Bounties, which should bestow rewards based on Arc abilities used. If that weren’t enough, the quest to unlock the Exotic heavy machine gun Thunderlord has also returned along with Mayhem Crucible.

There’s a lot to enjoy beyond the buffs to Arcstriders, Stormcaller, and Fist of Havoc. The Voidwalker’s Nova Warp has seen some buffs, including a reduction to the initial charged detonation energy by 20 percent. The energy cost from holding a charged detonation has also been reduced by 7 percent. The base duration of the Super has also been increased to 22 seconds from 18 seconds.

Other changes with this update include increased drop rates for The Last Wish raid cosmetics and the One Thousand Voices Exotic. Dreaming City cosmetics have also seen an increase. Check out the subclass changes and buffs along with actual numbers for the cosmetic drop rate buffs below. The full patch notes can be seen here.



Striker—Code of the Juggernaut

Frontal Assault:

  • Buff duration increased from 10 to 16 seconds
  • Buff timer is now displayed on the HUD
  • Buff now increases weapon damage – 25% in PvE and 20% in PvP


  • Buff duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Buff is no longer disabled after a melee attack
  • In addition to breaking a shield, buff now triggers once you deal 60% damage to a target
  • Any damage dealt after 60% refreshes the timer
  • Increased bonus melee damage from 25% to 60%

General bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where Titans using Code of the Missile could perform the wrong melee


Arcstrider—Way of the Warrior

Combination Blow:

  • Bonus melee damage can now be stacked 3 times
  • Buff increases melee damage by 60% per stack in PvE
  • Buff increases melee damage by 22.7% per stack in PvP
  • This ability was previously 1 stack and increased melee damage by 50%
  • Kills with this ability now heal 40 health in addition to starting health regen

Deadly Reach:

  • Increased buff duration from 6 to 8 seconds
  • Buff is no longer consumed by a melee hit

Arcstrider—Way of the Wind

Disorienting Blow:

  • Increased the melee disorient distance from 4 meters to 6 meters
  • Increased duration of disorient on players from 1.5 to 2 seconds

Focused Breathing:

  • Increased dodge recharge bonus while sprinting from 50% to 100%

Combat Meditation:

  • Increased bonus grenade and melee regeneration while bloodied by 25%

Lightning Reflexes:

  • Increased damage resistance while dodging from 25% to 40% in PvP
  • Increased damage resistance while dodging from 63% to 70% In PvE


General Arc Changes

Stormcaller Super

  • Damage scales up to 150% over 5 seconds of continuous use of the attack
  • Updated FX and audio to support this functionality

Stormcaller—Attunement of Conduction

Chain Lightning Melee

  • Can now chain up to 5 times, up from 1, and each individual target can be hit twice
  • Chain damage decreased from 50 to 31 damage per hit

Arc Web

  • Increase chain range from 10 meters to 12 meters
  • Can now chain to many more targets, and back and forth between targets
  • Chaining Arc damage now reduces the cooldown of your grenade
  • Works with Arc Web chains and chains from Chain Lightning melee
  • Earn 3% energy per instance of damage in PvE
  • Earn 10% energy per instance of damage in PvP

Stormcaller—Attunement of the Elements

Electrostatic Surge:

  • Increased bonus regeneration rate of Rift by 600% per nearby friendly Guardian
  • Added a UI notification when the buff is active
  • Now extends Rift duration from 15 to 20 seconds

Arc Soul:

  • Extended duration from 8 to 12 seconds.

Voidwalker Nova Warp

  • Reduced initial charged detonation energy cost by 20%
  • Reduced energy cost of holding the charged detonation by 7%
  • Reduced time required to fully charge the charged detonation from 0.9 seconds to 0.7 seconds
  • Reduced Dark Blink cost by 20%
  • Increased base Super duration from 18 seconds to 22 seconds

Dawnblade Everlasting Fire

  • Tuned the amount of Super gained from Everlasting Fire
  • Initial return increased from 10% to 13%
  • Return then decays linearly over the course of 30 kills from 13% to 0.75% returned per kill

Abilities Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock ability “Bloom” was not dealing any damage
  • Improved consistency of Handheld Supernova
  • Fixed a bug in which canceling Blade Barrage allows players to traverse across the map



Increased drop rate of items in the Last Wish Raid

  • One Thousand Voices: 5% → 10%
  • Glittering Key: 5% → 20% (Used to acquire Last Wish ship “Ermine TAC-717”)
  • Wish-Maker Shell (Last Wish Ghost Shell): 2% → 20%
  • Cleansing Knife (Last Wish Sparrow): 5% → 20%

Increased drop rate of items in the Dreaming City

  • Pallas Galliot (Dreaming City Ship): 2% → 20%
  • Starlight Shell (Dreaming City Ghost Shell): 2% → 20%
  • Silver Tercel (Dreaming City Sparrow): 5% → 20%

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