Dying Light 2’s Factions Are “Wildcards In The Story”, Says Dev

Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala talks about how the game’s factions can impact the story.

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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2’s focus on narrative and player choice is something that developers Techland have spoken a great deal about since the title’s reveal back at E3 2018 (the fact that it’s being written by mastermind Chris Avellone is something that has certainly piqued the interest of many as well). From how its big and small choices combine to allow players to create their own sandbox, to how the game is placing emphasis first and foremost on story, and not its zombies, we’ve heard plenty about Dying Light 2’s narrative ambitions thus far.

Recently, while speaking with PCGamesN, the game’s lead designer Tymon Smektala spoke a bit more about another narrative aspect of the game- the factions. With each of them having their own agendas and goals, which might sometimes end up clashing with each other, Smektala describes them as “unpredictable wildcards” that can have interesting impacts on the way the game’s story unfolds.

“In the world of Dying Light 2 you have a few main factions,” Smektala said. “The Peacekeepers, the Scavengers, and a few more. But there are also smaller groups like the Untainted that can have an impact on the flow of the story to some extent – they’re like wildcards in the story, something unexpected.”

“So, for example, the Peacekeepers and the Scavengers are fighting for an abandoned swimming pool because it’s a great place for an outpost,” he continued. “The Peacekeepers want to create a training ground there because it’s easy to mop the blood from tiles, while the Scavengers want to start growing plants that they can use to produce fuel – they have this craftsman who understands that there are special types of plants you can use to create biofuel that powers vehicles. The Untainted believe that the way to salvation, the way to solve the problems of the world, is to grow plants that can be used to create drugs.

“The drugs have different uses but some of them are powerful stimulants that change how you behave in combat. So you may think, ‘I want this in my world because that’s something that will help’, but then this has a nasty consequence in the game because it changes the relationship between the Scavengers and the Peacekeepers – and those change the gameplay in unexpected ways because it’s not only you that has access to these powerful stimulants, but also the general population of the city. As a result, you’ll start encountering bandits and other people who are using them, and sometimes the encounters will be more difficult because of that decision.”

Dying Light 2 is due out some time this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but doesn’t currently have a release date. Stay tuned for more updates on the game, and in the meantime, check out the interview linked above for more info.

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