Eidos Montreal: PS4 Touchpad Is Really Intuitive, Explains Functionality In Thief

Level designer Steven Gallagher also talks about the length of the campaign.

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Eidos Montreal’s Thief, in case you didn’t know, will be releasing for current and next gen consoles. Speaking to GamingBolt, level designer Steven Gallagher explained some of unique mechanics we’ll be seeing on the Xbox One and PS4, especially with regards to the DualShock 4’s touchpad.

“The PS4 touchpad is used to quickly select items from your inventory and switch arrowheads – it’s really intuitive and people that have played it really like it. We also have the light on the front of the pad changing color to indicate when you step out into the light – it flashes white when you step into the light and goes dark blue when you’re in shadow. It’s subtle but when you’re playing in a darkened room it’s really cool and helps you know when you’re in danger.”

As for how long the single-player campaign will be, Gallagher emphasized that the length is highly dependent on your play style. “With regards to the single player campaign, there is no correct answer to this because your play style defines how quickly you will go through the game!

“I‘ve seen more aggressive players, even aggressive stealth players, who can go through the game quite quickly because it is part of their play style, i.e. how quickly can I get through this room without being spotted?, how quickly can I take everyone out? etc. And then there is the other type of players who want to hear/see everything, they are going to keep stopping and hear conversations, look through keyholes, open windows and explore the levels fully.

“These players are going to be playing for a long time because there is stuff hidden all over the place. This is such a broad answer as there is no answer, it is very much down to you play style. The player also has access to a huge city hub area where there are additional, non-critical jobs and side quests.”

Thief will be out in February 2014. What are your thoughts on its next gen features and length? Let us know below.

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