‘Enough CPU And GPU Performance’ In PS4 To Give It A ‘Long Life’ – Divekick Dev

‘The machine is legit awesome.’

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The power of the PlayStation 4, even with its release, continues to be a subject of discussion. With tear-downs for the console revealing as of yet untapped power, what does the future hold for Sony’s next-gen console and will it be able to withstand rapid advances in technology to stay relevant? GamingBolt spoke to Iron Galaxy Studios’ CEO Dave Lang, who is currently working on 2D fighting game DiveKick and on PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 for his thoughts on the same.

We first asked if the increase in RAM for the console as compared to the PS3 would help it stand the test of time in the coming years. Lang replied that, “Yeah I think there’s enough ‘stuff’ in that box to give it a long, long life.  Every generation people look at the launch games and go ‘meh’ but then 3 years later we get something like Uncharted 2 comes out and resets everyone’s’ expectations of what that little black box on their TV stand can do.”

What did Lang mean by “stuff” though? “I mean enough CPU performance, GPU performance, RAM, etc., the whole package seems to be in balance, and I think there’s enough headroom where this generation will last as long as we’ve come to expect.”

As a developer who is currently working on the console, Lang can testify to the power of the GPU first-hand. “We’re working on several PS4 games right now, and the machine is legit awesome. Personally I can’t wait to see what some of the AAA devs like Naughty Dog will be able to do with it.”

The PlayStation 4 has seen its share of hardware issues since launching in North America, but the overall response thus far has been positive. Considering that the PS3 will be around for a bit – with new exclusives like Gran Turismo 6 and Persona 5 still to come, not to mention various third party titles releasing for it – it’s obvious that these are the very early stages for the next-generation. What results the coming years will bring remain to be seen but the future is bright.

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