Fallout 76 Guide: Perfect Storm SMG, Alien Blaster Locations And Perk Magazines

Finding all sorts of stuff in Fallout 76’s world.

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Fallout 76 may be a multiplayer survival action game, but it is also an open world game, which means it has an obligation for you to find all sorts of stuff littered through its expanses. And the good thing is, here in this guide, we tell you where to find said stuff through said game’s said expanses.


The Perfect Storm is a unique weapon that can cause three seconds of burning damage after each shot, which means it is definitely something you will want on your person. But how to find it?

  • Go to the cartoon crocodiles icon marked on your map, in the northeast corner of the lakes area. Find the robot named Miss Annie, and initiate the Cold Case quest
  • Find the park security terminal and read through it until you are told that the holotape with a clue on it is locked away in the security office safe. Make your way to the safe and lockpick it. It needs a lockpick skill of 0 so you literally can’t fail this, come on
  • Play the tape, make the way to the mountain talked about on it, then go to the underground Employees Only area, to find the second clue inside the cabinet. Follow this to the mailbox right next to the ride on the mountain, and go to the Slither Slide
  • Following this trail of clues gets you to Clarksberg Post Office. DON’T GO HERE WITHOUT A HAZMAT SUIT.
  • Access the terminal and search for the address associated with Box 012. Go to said address, access the terminal to read through the diary entries, and be directed to Grafton Dam.
  • Fight the mutants, find the five clues here, go to the Woods Estate, read the note on the desk on the upper floor, and return to Miss Annie, who will then give you this weapon. I really hope it was worth it (it is).


Again, much like previous Fallout games, Fallout 76 has you find magazines. But in this game, they are Perk Magazines, finding which can give you buffs and bonuses that can greatly enhance your chances of survival in the world. The perks they give you are temporary, but they can still be helpful in the game’s hostile world:

  • Backwoodsman Perk Magazine: This bunch gives bonuses to crafting and cooking.
  • Guns and Bullets: Similarly, these ones give you bonuses for guns. And bullets.
  • Live and Love: These ones give you teamwork bonuses, so to say. You get extra XP, extra cash, and so on, when you play and cooperate with a group
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales: These ones aren’t limited to a specific kind of perk, they give you a whole range of them. If you’re looking for a specific kind of perk or bonus, these ones are the ones you don’t want
  • Grognak the Barbarian: These ones, much like you might have suspected, give you melee detective bonuses


The Alien Blaster is literally useless, and is meaningless beyond being a cool Easter egg, but if that’s what you want, then hey, that’s what you’ll get and who am I to stop you.

To find it, head off to route 97, and you will see a butterfly show up on your map/compass. Follow it, go west, stay to the east of the lake, find the destroyed house with the ramp leading to a bathtub, and find it inside the bathtub.

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