Fallout 76 Guide: Silo Launch Codes And Gun Customization

Weapons, large scale and small, in Fallout 76.

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Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, you can launch a nuclear weapon, and wreak havoc. You can also, on a smaller scale, modify the weapons you have, to try and make them more powerful and more effective at tearing through all hostiles you come across in the Wasteland, human or otherwise. This guide covers all of that.


You can check out our guide on launching nuclear weapons in Fallout 76. This specific section of the guide is instead going to talk about getting the nuclear codes you need to launch the missiles.

Here’s the good news—previously, we thought the codes you get are encrypted, and scrambled out of order. We thought that the only thing for you to do is either to try to puzzle out the decoding yourself with your group, or wait till later in the week, when the Enclave will have encrypted most of the codes in their surveillance lab.

However, there is a quicker way: you can use the a fan developed website (https://nukacrypt.com/how). The website uses the cipher for the codes, which are actually all common, and can be found within the game itself, to help you out. You essentially put in the fragment of code that you have, and the website will use it to generate the full code for you. Since the cipher seems to be hard coded into the game, it doesn’t seem like it will change, even if the codes themselves do.


You don’t unlock weapon customization, it is available to you from the get go. There are two kinds of weapon customization available to you:

  • You can either use a crafting table
  • You can apply the mods directly

As for mods, you can either buy them directly from vendors, or you can scrap weapons with mods applied to them to learn how to craft that mod for yourself.

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