Fallout 76 – Update Increases Stash Size, Revamps Wanted System

Bethesda also confirms that maintenance on long-running servers will happen more frequently.

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A new patch is live for Bethesda’s Fallout 76, bringing the usual assortment of bug fixes and gameplay improvements. The patch size is 4.5 GB on Xbox One and PS4, while the PC version is 3.5 GB to download. Check out some of the patch notes below.

One of the headlining features is an increase in stash space. Hoarders rejoice, because the maximum stash size has gone up to 800 pounds from 600. The Wanted System has also been changed, so that players won’t become Wanted if they accidentally hit someone else’s stuff. You now need to outright destroy items in a CAMP or Workshop to achieve that status.

More content is coming to Fallout 76 next month. Along with the beta for a new PvP-focused Survival mode, March will see the debut of “Wild Appalachia”. This is a series of updates that will add new quests, challenges, and events. New content for crafting and CAMPS is also being planned.


  • Server Maintenance: As we work on world servers that have been running for a long time and hitting some lag issues, we’ll be performing maintenance on those servers more frequently. You may receive an in-game message alerting you to this maintenance when it occurs, and you may be asked to join another world. This should improve the play experience for everyone during your adventures in Appalachia.


  • Power Armor: The amount of springs required to craft and repair level 25, 35, and 45 Excavator Power Armor Legs has been significantly reduced.
  • Weapons: Flare Guns have been removed from the legendary weapon list, as they can’t benefit from legendary mods.


  • Stash Limit: The storage limit for the stash has been increased from 600 to 800 pounds.
  • Dev Note: We’ve been reading your feedback that the current stash limit of 600 lbs could use an additional increase, and after some investigation found that we could offer some more storage space in the Stash.
  • C.A.M.P. Placement: If a player’s current C.A.M.P. location is occupied upon joining a world, a message will now display which gives them option to stay in the current world or attempt to join a new one. If the player chooses to find another world, they will be removed from the current world and matchmaking will attempt to place them in a new one. This process can be repeated if the player’s C.A.M.P. location happens to also be occupied in the new world.
  • Workshops: Players no longer need to interact with claimed Workshops directly to contest ownership, and Workshops can now be contested and captured from anywhere within the build area.
  • Dev Note: The ability to contest a claimed Workshop is intended and encouraged behavior as part of Workshop design. This change should prevent situations where a Workshop owner could prevent others from attempting to contest it without becoming Wanted by destroying something or picking a lock to reach the Workshop.


  • Scorchbeasts: Increased the timer between successive Sonic Scream volleys to 10 seconds for Scorchbeasts and the Scorchbeast Queen in order to reduce the frequency of these attacks.
  • Dev Note: This change should help players have some more time to react between Sonic Scream volleys. We’ve also been reading lots of feedback about Scorchbeasts in general that the community has been sharing, and we’re looking into further improvements and balance changes we can bring to them in the future.


  • Wanted: Damaging a C.A.M.P. or workshop object created by another player no longer causes the attacker to become Wanted. The object must now be completely destroyed by the attacker in order to flag them as Wanted.
  • Dev Note: We’ve received feedback from players who felt that it was too easy to become Wanted accidentally by damaging others’ C.A.M.P. and Workshop objects. We agree and made this change to help limit cases where a stray bullet could result in a bounty on your head.


  • Sound Effects: Pulling the pin on a grenade to prime it before throwing now play audible sound effects for nearby players.
  • Map: Sound effects now play when placing or moving custom Map markers.

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