Fallout 76 Will Be As Story-Focused As Other Bethesda Games – Report

Fallout 76 might be online-focused, but according to a new report, it will still have a narrative focus.

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Fallout 76 was announced quite recently, and the announcement has triggered a frenzied storm of speculation and subsequent reactions all over the internet. Since the game was announced, there have been plenty of reports on how Fallout 76 is going to be an online-focused game, similar in nature to Rust, and this has caused some panic and negative reception among a number of series fans.

However, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who first broke the news on the game’s online nature, has posted clarifications on Reddit, stating that though the game is online-focused, it’s still going to have a focus on narrative, and that people shouldn’t dismiss it just because it’s different from earlier games in the series.

“I’ve seen a lot of rage and confusion (and denial) on this subreddit so I just wanted to chime in to say a couple of things,” Schreier wrote in his Reddit post. “One is that, after publishing my story, I heard from a few other sources (in addition to the three mentioned in the article) corroborating that Fallout 76 is an online game. If you’re really still in denial, I guess you can wait until June 10, but hey, don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

“The second thing is that I’m very optimistic about this game,” he continued. “The buzz I’m hearing (both first- and second-hand) is that it’s really cool, interesting, and just as story-focused as any other Bethesda Game Studios game. It might have multiplayer and base-building, but hey, it’s still a Fallout game. I don’t want to drive hype for a game I haven’t seen or played, but I also don’t want people to be so closed-minded that they spend the next nine days freaking out every day on Reddit because this game isn’t going to be like the last three. I mean, how many of you remember when hardcore Fallout fans flipped a shit because Bethesda was making a first-person shooter?”

“I think that in retrospect I shouldn’t have tweeted that anyone expecting a traditional single-player Fallout will be ‘very disappointed’,” he went on. “Really, I should have said that they’ll be very surprised. I wanted (and still want) to make sure people’s expectations are calibrated accordingly.”

Of course, just as it was with the original report, you shouldn’t take this as an official confirmation of just how story-focused Fallout 76 will or won’t be. Schreier is, of course, a very reputable source with an excellent track record, so this is definitely credible information, but it’s something that hasn’t been confirmed yet. With E3 only a week away, we expect Bethesda to reveal concrete new information on the game and what exactly it’s going to be like in their press event not long from now. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for constant updates on the game.

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