Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter Gets Detailed In New Update

Try out battle royale in the wastelands.

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Fallout 76 had a lot of issues at launch, there’s no doubt about that. But Bethesda, to their credit, have done a lot of altering to the game to bring it up to snuff. Whether it’s been enough is up to the players to decide, but the content is still coming. At this year’s E3, we got a look at the next step in the game’s evolution with the Wastelanders expansion, which will add NPCs and full questlines later this year. The game, however, is also getting a battle royale mode in the form of Nuclear Winter, and you can get a sneak peak of that now.

Nuclear Winter is a battle royal mode where 52 players fight to the death for the honor of being overseer of Vault 51. In the most recent update, Bethesda detailed how the mode would work, and are giving players a pre-beta sneak peak until June 17th.

But it’s not just other players you’ll have to worry about, as during the match the game will spawn various enemies and hazards that effect all players. There’s also a team-based version of the mode, as you can form squads with friends. You can read a partial list of the details below, or look here for the full description and Update 10 patch notes.

Fallout 76 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A free trial of the game is going on across all versions until June 17th.


  • To access Nuclear Winter, you’ll need use an existing Fallout 76 character.
    • If you don’t have a character yet, you can create a new one by selecting “Play” from the Main Menu. Customize your character and save it by ensuring you’ve exited Vault 76. You can then exit to the Main Menu to queue for Nuclear Winter matches.
  • Select “Play” from the Main Menu and then select the Nuclear Winter game mode.
    • Up to 3 of your friends can join your team to enter Nuclear Winter matchmaking as a squad of 4.
    • We’ve also added a “Fill” option you can toggle on or off when queuing alone or in a partial team. When the Fill option is enabled the matchmaker will find additional teammates for you. When disabled, no additional players will be added to your team.
    • Please Note: If you currently use any mods or custom game files, you will be unable to join Nuclear Winter matches until they are removed. This has been done to prevent mods and custom files from providing a competitive advantage.

Gather Your Wits in Vault 51

  • While waiting for others to join the match, you will find yourself safe within the confines of Vault 51. Feel free to explore the Vault and make yourself at home.
  • Once enough players have joined, you and your teammates will have a short time to choose where you’d like to spawn on the Map.
  • When the timer expires, all players’ spawn locations will briefly appear on the Map and you will be whisked away to your chosen destination.
  • You and your teammates will be invulnerable and invisible for a short time after spawning so that you can get your bearings. Using an attack or interacting with an object will end this effect early.

    It Burns, Burns, Burns…

    • Matches currently take place in the Forest Region of Appalachia, which is surrounded by a raging Nuclear Storm.
      • Get caught beyond the Storm’s sear line and you’re toast.
      • Keep your head on a swivel and be ready to run—the Storm moves and closes in on the battlefield at regular intervals throughout each match.

    Go On the Hunt and Gear Up

    • Your character’s level in Adventure or Survival mode has no bearing on your power and offers no bonuses against other players in Nuclear Winter matches.
    • Weapons, Armor, Chems, and other items in Nuclear Winter have been completely rebalanced and tuned for PVP combat—the outcome of each battle will come down to skill.
    • Check your existing items and status effects at the door. You’ll need to scavenge for weapons, armor, and supplies every time you join a Nuclear Winter match.
      • You can find items in the Containers you’re used to seeing in Fallout 76, but the best gear comes from newly placed Crates, hackable Terminals, and lootable Creatures.
      • Items you find in Nuclear Winter will be removed at the end of each match.
      • Don’t worry, any items and effects your character had in Adventure or Survival will be returned to them whenever you rejoin those game modes.
    • Items you find during Nuclear Winter will be automatically added to the favorites wheel until all 12 slots are taken.

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