Fortnite – Update 6.10 Adds New Limited Time Mode, New Vehicle, Tournaments, and More

Update 6.10 comes with some significant new additions.

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Epic Games have rolled out the newest patch for Fortnite to update it to v6.10, and the update brings a lot of pretty significant improvements and additions to the game, both for its Battle Royale component, as well as for Save the World. Most significantly, Fortnite will now allow players to participate in tournaments in the Events tab.

These will be held as per a pre-decided schedule, and will see players competing with each other over a course of several hours. The other major change is a new limited time mode, called Disco Domination, which tasks players with clearing out enemies on dance floors spread across the entire map, following which you have to dance away to raise the disco ball and hold and defend the floor. A meter fills up as you capture and defend more floors, and the team that fills up the meter first wins the match.

Meanwhile, a new vehicle has also been added to the game’s battle royale mode. The quadcrasher is, you guessed it, a quad. It seats two players, builds up boost constantly while being driven, and can smash through buildings when being boosted. It should prove to be a favourite in the community for some time.

Meanwhile, the Port-A-Fortress, which was added to the game last month, has been removed while Epic tries “to resolve some issues related to this item”. On the Save the World side of things, a new semi-automatic rifle, the Rat King, has been added to mode, while it also sees the return of the Gravedigger rifle.

The game’s also seen some performance improvements, specifically for the PS4 and Android devices. On Android devices running on Android 7 or earlier, the game has received “major performance improvements”, while on the PS4 Pro systems that are plugged into 4K TVs, the game will now run in 1440p instead of 1080p.

There’s a lot, lot more going on beyond all this stuff. The patch notes are, frankly, huge. Head on over to the update by Epic themselves to get more info. Epic also released new introductory videos for tournaments and the quadcrasher, the new vehicle, both of which you can view below.

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