Hitman 2 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Hitman 2.

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Hitman 2 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

IO Interactive

PS4, Xbox One, PC


Release Date:November 13, 2018

IO Interactive rebooted the Hitman franchise with their episodic release in 2016, and are returning to continue its story with Hitman 2.

Unlike the previous game, however, which was published by Square Enix, this one will instead be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


Long-time Hitman developers IO Interactive were able to purchase their independence from Square Enix after they released Hitman together in 2016, and while doing so, they also managed to retain the rights of the Hitman franchise. As such, they will continue working on the series, and for Hitman 2, they partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the game’s publication.

While 2016’s Hitman was released as an episodic title, with the game being split into multiple missions and each of them being released separately as individual episodes, Hitman 2 will instead follow a more traditional release cycle, with all of its base content being released in one go in a more conventional manner. Post-launch support will instead come in form of DLC. IO Interactive have announced two paid post-launch expansions for the game, which will add to the game a lot of additional content, including new locations, missions, weapons, outfits, and sniper maps.

While announcing Hitman 2, IO Interactive also released an individual co-operative mode, Sniper Assassin, which was immediately made available to those who pre-ordered the main game. However, Sniper Assassin will also be included with Hitman 2 when it launches in full.


Hitman 2_05

Hitman 2 will continue the new rebooted continuity that was established in Hitman (2016). Still working for the International Contract Agency (ICA), contracted assassin Agent 47 will travel across the globe as he eliminates the high profile targets he is assigned to. His main mission, however, will be to hunt down the mysterious Shadow Client and his militia. Along the way, Agent 47 will also uncover the hidden truths and mysteries of his own past, after which IO Interactive promises “nothing will ever be the same” for him. Not much else is known about the game’s plot at this point.


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Like its predecessor, Hitman 2 will feature six missions taking place across six different locations where Agent 47 will be tasked with taking out high profile targets with all the means at his disposal. The things one usually associates with Hitman– disguises, large crowds, stealth techniques, and emergent systemic-based gameplay, are all going to be part of Hitman 2 as well. Each level will be a large sandbox, and players will have the freedom of choosing from a bevy of opportunities and possibilities how best to take out their targets. Players will be able to choose between multiple tools, disguises, weapons, environmental hazards, distractions, and stealth tactics.

Of the six locations in the game, so far only one has been revealed, that being a Formula 1-style race course in Miami, in the state of Florida in the United States. The level consists of the race track and surrounding outside areas, and the level takes place in the middle of an event while a race is going on on the track. Each of the six missions will of course contain the primary target for Agent 47 to take out, but there will be several other objectives and missions for players to tackle as well, should they choose to do so. These will be Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts and player Contracts, among other things. Opportunities and hints will also return from the previous game, and these will allow players to view more information on possible ways of taking out assassination targets and in fancier ways.

New tools, weaponry, items, and gadgets are also being added to Agent 47’s arsenal in Hitman 2. For instance, concussive gadgets are being added to the game, which players will be able to use to render NPCs unconscious. Meanwhile, the briefcase from past Hitman games is also returning. This will allow players to carry larger weapons, like the sniper rifle, inside their briefcase and to be able top move through crowds, big and small, with these weapons without them being noticed by anyone. Notably enough, for the first time ever in the series, co-op gameplay is also being added, and players will now also have the option of taking on each of the game’s missions with others via online co-op (though of course, they will be playable completely solo as well).

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Sniper Assassin, which was released along with the game’s announcement and made immediately playable to those who pre-ordered Hitman 2, will also be bundled with the full game when it launches. This mode sees players put in levels, and are tasked with taking out set targets with their sniper rifle within a set time limit, and features many of the same dynamic and system mechanics and gameplay elements from the base game itself. Sniper Assassin is playable solo, however it can be played co-operatively as well, with other characters Knight and Stone also being playable, and both having access to types of ammunition that are unique to themselves.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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