Hitman 2’s Newest Update Brings “Hundreds of Fixes and Tweaks” To The Game

It’s actually a rather substantial update across the board, so they’re not lying about it.

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Hitman 2’s newest update is going to come in at 1-1.2 GB across all platforms, but it will be far more substantial than its relatively meager file size may suggest. In their post about the new update, IO Interactive mention “hundreds of tweaks and fixes” to the game, across the board.

These changes include fixes to the “Discover Cuba” mission objective that would get stuck, fixes for several crashes on PS4, fixes to aim assist, and several more. There are also a bunch of PC specific fixes, including support for Steam Trading Cards, and a bunch of new settings, such as options for motion blur, dynamic sharpening, reflection quality, and more.

You can find a selection of the comprehensive patch notes below, or view them in their entirety through here. This all comes on the heels of the newest escalation contract for the game going live earlier this week. If you need more convincing on the game, make sure to check out our review for it.


  • Discover Cuba
    We’ve fixed an issue that would cause the ‘Discover Cuba’ Challenge in the ICA Facility not to progress or unlock. 
  • Save Load Cycles
    We’ve fixed a handful of issues that could be caused by saving/loading, specific to challenge completion and target status.
  • Aim Assist Snap
    We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the aim assist ‘snap’ to be incrementally higher if a player uses it in quick succession after a kill.
  • Nul Point
    We’ve fixed a rare issue that could cause players to receive 0 points on their final scoreboard. This was caused by performing very specific actions followed by a save/load cycle.
  • Crash(es) on PS4
    We’ve fixed a handful of prominent crashes on PS4, caused by various factors. Basically, this system software update improves system performance on PS4.
  • Fast Target
    We’ve made a change to ensure that the ‘Fast Target’ option works consistently.
  • No Master
    We’ve fixed an issue that caused Location Mastery trophies/achievements to remain locked after earning Mastery outside of  main campaign missions. Players can now expect to unlock the achievement/trophy whenever they reach the max Mastery level.
  • Helicopter Exit Exit
    We’ve fixed an issue where an emergency escape hatch on the bottom of the Miami helicopter would trigger if the exit cinematic was skipped, resulting in Agent 47 falling out and floating behind it. 
  • LOC Down
    We’ve fixed multiple issues with fonts, overlapping text and special characters in various localised languages. We’ve also introduced a new font for Russian and Japanese localisation.


  • Ghost PiP
    We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the PiP camera in Ghost Mode to be too dark if a kill is performed indoors.
  • PiP Boy
    We’ve fixed an issue where the audio cues for the PiP camera are played, even when players have disabled it.
  • Lobby Challenges
    We’ve added the Challenges Menu to the Ghost Mode Lobby.
  • SFX Connection
    We’ve added a sound effect that plays when you have connected to another player in the lobby. It sounds a bit like “whooosh-ka-ching”, but we recommend you play Ghost Mode to hear it for yourself.
  • Mission Timer
    We’ve disabled the ‘Mission Timer’ option when playing Ghost Mode.
  • Considerate Assassin
    We’ve fixed an issue in Ghost Mode that could cause inconsistencies with explosive devices.


  • Screenspace Shadows
    We’ve added a new Graphics Option; Screenspace Shadows. Toggle on to give high quality shadow detail.
  • Reflection Quality
    We’ve added a new Graphics Option; Reflection Quality. Toggle off, low, default or high to control the resolution of the rendered reflections in mirrors and floors.
  • Motion Blur
    We’ve added a new Graphics Option; Motion Blur. Toggle off, low, default or high to give a smoother look.
  • Dynamic Sharpening
    We’ve added a new Graphics Option; Dynamic Sharpening. This option counters effects caused by temporal anti-aliasing.
  • SLI Performance 
    We’ve fixed an issue that could cause performance drops for players using NVIDIA cards with SLI enabled.
  • Simulation Separation
    In the release notes for our previous update, we included a new option called “Simulation Quality.” In this update, we’ve split this option into two; Graphical Simulation and Audio Simulation, allowing players to take advantage of the audio improvements but without affecting their GFX performance.
  • Steam Trading Cards
    We’ve added support for Steam Trading Cards, including badges, profile backgrounds and emoticons.

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