Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s Nuclear Disarmament Event Is A Go, Dataminer Finds New Sequence

Looks like there is a sequence that kicks in after players unlock the Nuclear Disarmament scene as Konami officially acknowledges that the event is on the horizon.

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It seems as though Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain still has a few tricks up its sleeves. Konami just unveiled one of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s long kept secrets [well, not really a secret for many]. The company just unveiled the Nuclear Disarmament event through its official official website and social media channels. The event hasn’t gone live just yet as Konami has said there are some things players need to do in order to unlock the Nuclear Disarmament mode.

Once those four steps have been completed, the event will open up to the players after they return to Mother Base, or upon completing a main mission. If new nukes do resurface, you can work at meeting all four conditions and you can unlock the event multiple times. The most vital part of this is to try to get all the nuclear weapons for the platform of your choice dismantled. Konami has said it will update fans on the number of weapons per platform on Twitter.

So far, the number of nukes per platform as on November 25th are: PlayStation 4: 352, PlayStation 3: 250, Xbox One: 96, Xbox 360: 85 and PC: 15691. As you can see, people are really close to achieve Peace on the PlayStation 4. But the point is what it will lead to? We already know that a cutscene will play out but what comes after that? According to a dataminer on the NeverBeGamerOver subreddit, once Peace is achieved, a new scene will kick in. This data miners assumes that this will be true ending, linking the ending of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. He also believes that a new sequence will begin after nuclear disarmament event. We are not sure what it’s exactly but given that Konami is really pushing players to get it unlocked indicates that it’s not merely a custcene that was leaked earlier.

It must also be noted that The Game Awards are nearing and Kojima is on the advisory member. It may not mean anything but the nuclear disarmament event is a major milestone for the Metal Gear community and I am assuming it will unlock something substantial. I may be completely wrong about this but according to the game’s code there is a sequence that is waiting to get unlocked once players wrap up this event. There are around 350 odd nukes on the PS4, so I believe we will be seeing the results in a matter of days.

As usual, we will keep you updated on what happens ahead. Things surely haven’t slowed for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and it will be interesting to see what else lies ahead for the players.

Ahem…Chapter 3 or Episode 51 please!

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