Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Guide – How to Defeat Daimyo Hermitaur, Blood Orange Bishaten, and Garangolm

Master Rank is a big step up from the base game in monster damage and health. Here's how to survive the initial encounters.

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Daimyo Hermitaur is the first new monster encountered when beginning Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Though technically not a Master Rank monster (it’s a 7-star High-Rank Urgent Quest), this giant enemy crab packs a mean punch. It’s immune to Dragon and Water damage, inflicts Water damage (which can cause Waterblight) and is weak to Thunder. It’s also susceptible to Poison followed by Thunderblight, Blast and Fireblight ailments.

When fighting Daimyo Hermitaur, you’ll quickly notice that its only real weak spot is the head. While its shell and claws can be damaged with Blunt weapons, going for the head is the best strategy regardless of weapon type for maximum damage. Though it possesses several different attacks, many of them are fairly telegraphed.

For instance, it will dig into the ground and either emerge immediately or after several attacks. Be very careful when using Wirebug Fall during this – if you’re too close, the next attack may catch you unawares. Other attacks include jumping in and out of the ground to catch an opponent with its claws. It can also quickly dash forward to slice with both pincers and jump into the air before landing with a giant slam.

Be careful when attacking from the sides since Daimyo Hermitaur will automatically retaliate with its pincers. It also fires a water beam at range and will start moving to the side while continuously firing. The best opportunity to attack is when it covers its face behind both claws. Attacks in this situation usually result in a counterattack from the monster. However, using a Sonic Bomb will stun it and provide some openings.

Once Daimyo Hermitaur is defeated, it’s off to Elgado and for the Master Rank journey to begin in earnest.

How to Defeat Blood Orange Bishaten

Blood Orange Bishaten is a subspecies of Bishaten, so a lot of its moves will be somewhat similar. However, instead of picking up different fruits and inflicting status effects like Poison, it’s all about the blazing pinecones. To that end, it’s resistant to Fire and Dragon elements, dishes out loads of Fire damage and is weak to Water. Its two main weak points are the tail and head – dealing enough damage while it’s standing on its tail can cause knockdowns and create openings – with Cut damage being the most effective. Helpful ailments include Blast and Waterblight.

Otherwise, a good portion of this fight will involve avoiding the many burning and exploding pinecones. Some attacks, like grabbing a pinecone with its tail and front-flipping forward to cause damage, are made all the more dangerous due to the explosions. You also need to be careful when it grabs two pinecones and starts spinning around on its tail. When the pinecones are released, they’ll also spin circularly for a brief period.

The most dangerous attack, however, is its Fire Breath. Once you see Blood Orange Bishaten standing on its legs and looking up, move out of the way. At this level, the damage could cart a player. Thankfully, it creates a large enough opening for you to dish out major damage.

Other moves like tail slams, slamming down on the ground with two pinecones in its hands to create explosions, and a dash while it’s spinning around, are pretty similar to how normal Bishaten acts. Keep a safe distance and study its moves for openings, then attack when the opportunity arises, and it should quickly go down.

How to Defeat Garangolm

Garangolm is one of the Three Lords, a trio of monsters causing havoc in the new region outside of Elgado outpost. It may be the weakest of the bunch but waltz in without respecting its damage and you’ll pay for it.

Garangolm relies on brute strength but as the fight wears on, it’s capable of transforming its arms to deal Fire and Water daamge (which inflict Fireblight and Waterblight respectively). It’s resistant to Water and Dragon elements while being weak to Thunder. Thunderblight, Fireblight and Blast are effective ailments when combating it. In terms of weak points, the head is good for Cut and Blunt weapons, followed by its Arms.

Essentially, you’ll want to hit its face as much as possible during the fight since this can interrupt some attacks. Initially, it pays to be careful of its boulder throw – it can punch the ground and uplift a boulder or three when taking its fist out. Garangolm can also dig both hands into the ground and throw a massive boulder, charge at you, slam the ground multiple times, and jump up before slamming its fist down.

Often, it will leap up like it’s going to slam down but land behind you before following up with another attack. Be careful when it becomes Enraged as its attacks are faster, though this affords more opportunities to hit its head. Its strongest attack is a slam that lifts some boulders, which it will land on and then ignite for a massive explosion. The best option is to run away or superman dive out of the way to avoid immense damage.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available for PC and Nintendo Switch. For more details, check out our official review here and stay tuned for more information on how to defeat the other new monsters.

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