Nintendo Switch Online Won’t Simply Try To Mirror What Others Do – Reggie

Does that including giving us a decent online service, Nintendo?

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nintendo switch online

Earlier this year, Nintendo launched their own subscription-based online service for the Switch, the innovatively titled Nintendo Switch Online. For $3.99, the service lets players play online, and gives them access to a selection of legacy software from the NES library. To say the least, fans haven’t been very happy with the service, claiming that the online service itself is not satisfactory, and the legacy content provided doesn’t provide enough value for the money being asked for.

If, however, you’re expecting Nintendo to change that by doing something along the lines of what Sony and Microsoft do with free current games provided every month with PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold, don’t hold your breath. Recently, while speaking with Forbes, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that with Nintendo Switch Online, the company is, as always, looking to do its own thing, and won’t be trying to imitate what others are doing in the same space. He did, however, also go on to mention that the service is also going to continue to evolve as Nintendo looks for more ways to make it more meaningful to consumers.

“In terms of the legacy content, we’ve said that our focus right now is for NES content. And that’s what we’ll continue to push on,” said Fils-Aime.

“We’re always looking for ways to make the subscription offer more meaningful to consumers, so stayed tuned as those plans continue to evolve,” he continued. “Nintendo as a company prides itself on doing things differently. So, don’t expect us to simply mirror what others do. We’ll look to provide unique elements, elements that other players in the space aren’t considering. That’s going to be a key area of focus for us.”

Well, how about giving us a decent online service that’s worth the price of subscription? Could you at least mirror that, Nintendo? One can only hope, right?

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